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Submitted by Jon Morton, president, TriMuskoka

TriMuskoka is a not-for-profit, fun, supportive club that promotes excellence in swim, bike and running skills. We are a diverse group of beginner to experienced athletes, and welcome members of all abilities to join our love of endurance sport.

In addition to providing encouragement and training tools for its members, we also put on locally focused triathlons that support charitable causes in the community. These events encourage everyone to maintain a healthy active lifestyle and develop good habits for a lifetime! The TriMuskoka Club’s two primary events are the Indoor Winter Classic on March 3, 2019 at the Canada Summit Centre, and The TriMuskokan on June 23, 2019.  Both will be open for registration soon—keep an eye out for updates!

Importantly, these events also help us give back to our local community. That is why we are asking for YOUR HELP.  We are looking for local charities that are interested in partnering with us: specifically, for the Indoor Triathlon Classic on March 3, 2019. We want to select a local charity each year to support with the proceeds from this event. All we ask in return is for some volunteers to help us make it happen, and spread the word about the event!  We cannot thank enough our members, volunteers, athletes and community for their tremendous support of our events—everyone is a part of the positive outcomes that result.

We want to support causes that align with our values:

  • supporting healthy / active lifestyles (including promoting youth sport, and sport infrastructure);
  • contributing to protecting the environment where we live and play;
  • supporting causes that are locally important for our community.

If your group is interested in being part of these great events, please reach out to Jon Morton ([email protected]) and we would be pleased to discuss opportunities to be involved!

Interested in becoming a TriMuskoka member? There are many good reasons to join the club.  Some current members have joined because:

We want to train with people from Muskoka in an environment that is as much fun and social as it is about challenging yourself and getting physically active.

We want to do this in a sport where being the “best” at any discipline is no more advantageous than being “good” at all three.

We want to be in a club that is encouraging to all, regardless of what skill level you have. Remember: everyone starts somewhere, and if you are a complete newbie, you have the most to gain and the most to celebrate when you achieve your accomplishments.

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