Town to issue RFP for Surveyor of Record


The Town of Huntsville already has a Realtor of Record and soon it hopes to have a Surveyor of Record as well.

A staff report presented at the February 28 General Committee meeting noted that in 2012 council directed staff to dispose of land deemed surplus to the Town’s purposes. Those properties were to be listed and sold as-is.

While most of the Town’s surplus properties that have been sold to date didn’t require the services of a surveyor, according to the report, the “absence of surveys on some of the current surplus properties has proven challenging and in some cases inhibited sales. Potential buyers are finding themselves eager to purchase a property, but unsure if it will meet Planning and Building requirements that sometimes cannot even be answered by the Development Services Division without them knowing the exact measurements.  A survey would provide specific dimensions on the size of a parcel, as well as frontage, which are important factors when determining if a lot is considered buildable and can be utilized for other future potential uses.”

Town staff recommended in the report that a Request for Proposal (RFP) be issued for a Surveyor of Record for “to increase marketability and effectively dispose of these lands,”

The costs of any required surveys would be incorporated in the list price of the property to be recovered through sale of the land.

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