Temporary road closures this weekend for Dockfest and Ironman



Some Huntsville and area roads will be temporarily closed this weekend to accommodate Rotary Dockfest (July 6) and the Subaru Ironman 70.3 Muskoka Triathlon/Duathlon (July 7).

Rotary Dockfest ~ Saturday July 6, 2019

Caroline St from Centre St to Lorne St 10 am to 11:30 am
Lorne St From Caroline St to Main St W From 10 am to 11:30 am
Algonquin Outfitters Lane from Main St W to Dara Howell Way 11 am to 2:30 pm
Dara Howell Way from King St to Algonquin Outfitters Way from 11 am to 2:30 pm

Subaru IRONMAN 70.3 Muskoka Triathlon/Duathlon ~ Sunday, July 7, 2019

Partial and full road closures:
Park Drive from Brunel Road to Brunel Road closed 7am-5pm
River Road/Princess Street from Brunel Road to Main Street partially closed 7am-5pm
Main Street from Centre Street to Railway Tracks (West of Hwy 11) partially closed 7am-5pm
Muskoka Road 3/Aspdin Road partially closed 7am-5pm
Old Ferguson Road from Aspdin Road to Madill Church Road partially closed 7am-5pm
Madill Church Road from Old Ferguson Road to Gun Club Road partially closed 7am-5pm
Gun Club Road from Madill Church Road to Old Ferguson Road partially closed 7am-5pm
Lakewood Park Road from Aspdin Road to Lakeshore Road partially closed 7am-5pm
Lakeshore Road from Lakewood Park Road to Dead End at Trail partially closed 7am-5pm

Race organizers are asking people to completely avoid the stretch of Hwy 117 between Baysville and Dorset on Sunday July 7th between the hours of 8am and 1pm for safety reasons and to avoid delays in travel, as there will be up to 1800 cyclists using that stretch of road (both directions) during that time.
Brunel Road is similarly affected between the hours of 7am to 1:30pm.

Parking Lot Closures:
Canada Summit Centre parking lot closed until 8pm
Camp Kitchen Road parking lot closed until 5pm

For more information,
See the Bike Course here.
See the Run Course here.

Organizers are anticipating the event will attract 1700 athletes, 600 volunteers and 2500 spectators.

Tentative schedule

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  1. Patty Caruso on

    So I have to say as a tax payer and a property owner of two properties on hwy 117 at Long line lake road on Lake of Bays, this really annoys me.
    Every year we have to put up with this. We have to leave our cottage at 9am to be in Toronto for a family event.
    These two events happen on the same Sunday every year. So as a tax payer I have to rearrange my life for this??? What benefit does this have for me??? Last year it took us and hour to get to baysville, there was no sharing of the road.
    What do you have in place for emergencies, when the only artery to get to a hospital is Hwy 117.
    Take this race somewhere else. Some where north, North of Hwy 60; or the park. Tell me what my alternate route is ????

  2. Chris Mathews on

    Patty, I hope you enjoy your time in TO. This Ironman is a prestige event in Huntsville bringing in many athletes, their supporters, volunteers and spectators to our town who spend money supporting our local businesses which in turn helps them survive through the quiet winter months. I am sure plans are in place to deal with medical emergencies should they happen.
    Moving it to the Park would affect cottages and campers also but as long as it’s not your inconvenience that would be fine for you I’m guessing.

    Unfortunately you sound like an out of town cottager who can’t even put up with one day’s inconvenience instead of getting outside your property and cheering on these amazing athletes.
    just relax and go with the flow.

  3. Chris Mathews on

    I should have added that we were out of town cottages for 30 years before moving here permanently 15 years ago so I have experienced these “inconveniences” myself but was pleased with the added enjoyment they provided.

  4. Bill Wright on

    So, before I set out to go shopping today, I looked at the list of closures to see if my journey from downtown to Metro would be impacted. Of particular interest was Main street…which the List of closures showed:-
    “Main Street from Centre Street to Railway Tracks (West of Hwy 11) partially closed 7am-5pm”

    So, I headed out to Centre Street..where there was a long line of cars attempting to go South towards Main Street. I went North, and arrived at Metro undelayed.
    It was the return trip that caused me grief..as I could not go any further west on Main than Brendale Square Parking lot, forcing me to take Centre St as my route home. ONE HALF HOUR TO GO FROM WEST ROAD TO ST MARY’S CHURCH. And the organizers expect me to be a supporter???
    Downtown was dead….on a beautiful day, hardly anyone was dining in the restaurants, or shopping…mainly because they couldn’t get anywhere near the shops and restaurants. And the organizers expect the BIA members to be supportive???
    Oh, yes, the 1700 participants and family members will spend lots.on hotels, motels and airbnb’s…but not so much on food, because they all have their special pre-race “carb up” diets, and thus avoid the usual restaurant fare…and their shopping was probably confined to Wally world and the mall.
    Let’s give this event’s route another good think through in case it runs again.

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