Stisted Fall Fair celebrates 134 years of bringing people together



One hundred and thirty-four years later the people of Huntsville still look forward to attending the historical Stisted Fall Fair, each year.

Their slogan, ‘The little country fair with the big country heart!’ says it all. The Fair’s Board of Directors works hard each year to make sure it truly feels like you’re stepping back in time at the Stisted fairgrounds.

Since its inception in 1885 the fair has stayed true to its roots and has been celebrating local home crafts and agriculture.

Although it was pouring rain last Saturday, it didn’t stop both kids and adults from enjoying farm animals, horse shows, exhibits, and a variety of competitions.

Due to the rain and dark skies the turnout wasn’t as high as usual, however many first-timers and Stisted fair regulars still enjoyed the day with friends and family.

Poppa Jim with his honey bees

Don Lupton’s “Drag Saw” from 1925. Drag Saws were created in the 1800s before the chainsaw was invented.

Doreen Stainton, with her vintage sock knitting machine. These machines were given out in the first world war by Red Cross to house wives to make socks for soldiers.

Michelle Lomas with her prize-winning rabbits.

Horses and their riders participating in the egg and spoon balancing competition.

Some of the winning veggies, giant Zuchinis!

The winning jams, sauces and preserves.

Winning knits (clothes, blankets, children’s toys, etc).

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