Send a Girl to Camp campaign raises enough to give 45 girls a summer camp experience



The community has responded with enthusiasm to Send a Girl to Camp, a fundraising campaign that provides subsidies for girls to attend YWCA Muskoka summer girls’ programs. Almost $8,000 was raised during the month of June — enough to send 45 girls to camp.

Along with the generous support of individual community members, local businesses and community organizations played a key role in the fundraising efforts and YWCA Muskoka thanks them for their support. In-store campaigns were held throughout June by Gagnon’s Your Independent Grocer in Bracebridge; Bullock’s Your Independent Grocer in Huntsville and Boston Pizza in Bracebridge. In addition, Alan and Lisa Cumber, owners of McDonald’s Restaurants in Muskoka, and the Rotary Club of Bracebridge generously donated to Send a Girl to Camp.

These local organizations said they got involved because every kid should have the chance to attend summer camp, especially YWCA Muskoka camps, which promote self-esteem and confidence building, leadership skills, healthy relationships and community engagement.

One in five applicants request financial assistance for YWCA Muskoka’s week long summer programs, which cost $175 per participant. The Send a Girl to Camp campaign will provide subsidies and build a fund to allow every applicant to attend camp despite financial barriers.

To Send a Girl to Camp donate online at

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  1. At the risk of sounding insensitive, how about a child’s parents or extended family pay to send their child to camp? Whatever happened to personal responsibility? If a family is so poor as to not be able to rustle up $175, then should summer camp really be their priority in terms of discretionary spending? Does anyone in that family smoke? Do they drink? Do they have a pet? Do they have two cars? I mean, we are talking about a few dollars a week. If people cannot afford to provide even this little for their kids, then why on Earth are they having kids?

    • Hi Em,
      YWCA Muskoka hosts a very informative session called Bridges out of Poverty that I think you may find informative. It breaks down misconceptions about those living in poverty, including those here in Muskoka. In fact, I am attending the half-day session on July 25 🙂 Information can be found at the link below. All are welcome to join!

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