Pssst…students: aquatics provides one of the best part-time jobs around



It doesn’t just pay well―a part-time job in aquatics can set a student up for future success.

“We use the Red Cross program, and they have an excellent instructor development program,” says Morven Barnes, the Town’s manager of aquatics. “We spend a lot of time teaching our instructors the importance of progressions, feedback and correction, sequential teaching, class management, learning styles. And that’s all very basic teaching theory that can then be taken out of aquatics and applied to just about anything.

“Former staff that have gone on to be teachers in the education system have commented that it was an excellent foundation, that college and university was then able to build on. It’s also a career that really teaches leadership skills like how to take control of a situation and how to prioritize.”

Town of Huntsville aquatic leader with kids (Town of Huntsville)

(Town of Huntsville)

There is a lot of responsibility involved in being a lifeguard or instructor, but it’s not too much for young people to handle, she adds. “You’ve got people’s lives in your hands and that’s a pretty tall order for kids. But I do believe that kids that leave our employment are much better equipped to face the challenges of life, because you’re going to face challenges all through life.”

The flexibility of the role lends itself to student life, where balancing school, extracurricular activities, personal lives, and jobs is important.

“We are willing to work around schedules and fit people in where it’s convenient,” says Barnes. “Creative scheduling means that our young staff don’t have to give up the things that they’re passionate about. It’s also a career they can take with them wherever they decide to go to post secondary education. It’s going to be easier for them to get jobs because they have this certification and experience behind them.”

(Town of Huntsville)

The Town of Huntsville is currently looking for both part-time lifeguards and instructors. Both require certification but if you haven’t yet taken that step, Town staff can help make it as streamlined as possible for you.

Training begins with the bronze lifesaving levels―the Bronze Medallion and the Bronze Cross―followed by either lifeguard or instructor training. The Bronze Medallion course can be taken by those 13 years and older; to get started on Bronze Cross you only need the pre-requisite of the Bronze Medallion course. Depending on where you’re starting from, Town staff can work with you to combine classes so that you can get through the process with less expense and less time.

If your child is a strong swimmer, aquatics is the perfect after school job for them. They can get started at age 13 so look for upcoming courses at

These are ideal positions for adults looking for supplemental or part-time income, too.

For more information, contact Morven Barnes at [email protected] or 705-789-6421.

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