Muskoka Men’s Basketball League 2017-18 weekly results

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The Muskoka Men’s Basketball League consists of six teams: On The Docks Pub, Motivations Fitness, Boone Plumbing Ballers, Frosty Pint Pub, Bracebridge Medical Centre, and Raptors 705 Unity Group Financial.

See below for weekly results and get full league standings here.

Week 5
Muskoka Men’s Basketball League action continued as On The Docks Pub held off Motivations Fitness to win 63 to 58; Boone Plumbing Ballers outpaced BMC Thunder 65 to 51; and Raptors 705 topped Frosty Pint Pub 58 to 50.
Week 4
In this week’s Muskoka Men’s Basketball League action, Motivations Fitness beat BMC Thunder 66 to 58; Boone Plumbing Ballers outgunned Frosty Pint Pub 67 to 49; and Raptors 705 thrashed On The Docks Pub 84 to 50.
Week 3
Muskoka Men’s Basketball League action continued as Boone Plumbing Ballers outlasted Raptors 705 Unity Group Financial 58 to 53; Frosty Pint Pub outgunned Motivations Fitness 72 to 57; and BMC Thunder thrashed On The Docks Pub 73 to 55.
Week 2
Muskoka Men’s Basketball League second week action continued as BMC Thunder fell to Frosty Pint Pub 53 to 59; On The Docks Pub outgunned Boone Plumbing Ballers 80 to 68; and Raptors 705 squeaked by Motivations Fitness 42 to 41.
Week 1

Muskoka Men’s Basketball League returned to the hardwood! In first week action at Huntsville High School, the Raptors 705 Unity Group Financial outgunned Bracebridge Medical Centre Thunder 65 to 43. Motivations Fitness fell to Boone Plumbing Ballers 37 to 48. And an offensive shootout unfolded at Bracebridge & Muskoka Lakes Secondary School as On The Docks Pub squeaked by Frosty Pint Pub 75 to 74.

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