Mother Nature couldn’t hold back the annual Muskoka Loppet


Despite fears that January’s unusual weather might derail the annual Muskoka Loppet, the event was a go on Sunday, January 28 at Arrowhead Provincial Park. The sun was shining and the trail staff worked hard to design and then redesign the course for the cross country skiers that came from near and far.

More than 300 participants registered this year with some racers travelling from as far as New Zealand, Switzerland and British Columbia.

The trail was deemed ‘fast, very fast’ as the athletes took to the trail. Ted Williams and his trail grooming team were given a shout out at the event for re-designing the course to fit the weather conditions.

John Cowan, Arrowhead Nordic/Huntsville High School coach, mentioned that there were 15 university students that were former team members from Huntsville that returned to participate in this year’s Loppet. He said, “it’s great to see your former students continue to race and compete in the sport.”

The event began with the 30km racers heading out on the course, followed by the 15 km racers five minutes later, and then finally the 5km racers took to the trails. Skiers ranged in age from six years to 80. This sport is for everyone who loves the outdoors and the snow under their skis.

Congratulations to all racers and in particular the local finishers (noted below), with a shout-out to those who finished first in their age categories: Keenan Patterson (5km Male 14-15), Mya Marshall (5km Female 12-13), John Strickland (5km Male 16+), Holly Strickland (5km Female 16+), Owen Johnstone (15km Male 16-17 and second overall), Clara Pringle (15km Female 12-13), Natasia Varieur (15km Female 16-17), and Tracy Marshall (30km Female 40-49).

See full results here.

5km – Male Age 6-8

2nd Joshua Gevaert, Huntsville
3rd Ross Graham, Arrowhead Nordic
5th Theo Briand, Huntsville
6th Jakob Varieur, Huntsville

5km – Male Age 9-11

5th Daniel Parry, Arrowhead Nordic
6th Jackson Smith, Arrowhead Nordic
12th Arik Martin-Padfield, Arrowhead Nordic
13th Gabriel Nakamoto, Arrowhead Nordic
16th Jayden Brake, Arrowhead Nordic
17th Tyler Gevaert, Huntsville
18th Finlay Paterson, Arrowhead Nordic
19th Noah Bell, Arrowhead Nordic

5km – Male Age 12-13

8th Aidan Spiers, Arrowhead Nordic
11th Benjamin Shearing, Arrowhead Nordic
15th Matthew Kuusk, Arrowhead Nordic
16th Corbin Wendell, Arrowhead Nordic
19th Winston Young, Arrowhead Nordic
20th Hunter Millen, Arrowhead Nordic
21st James Laughton, Arrowhead Nordic
22nd William Laughton, Huntsville
23rd Benjamin Brake, Arrowhead Nordic
24th Kayden Morris, Arrowhead Nordic

5km – Male Age 14-15

1st Keenan Paterson, Utterson

5km – Male Age 16+

1st John Strickland, Arrowhead Nordic
4th Jeff Laughton, Huntsville
5th Peter Gottlieb, Huntsville
10th Graham Pollington, Huntsville
12th Steve Varieur,  Huntsville

5km – Female Age 6-8

2nd Braunwyn Strickland, Arrowhead Nordic
4th Emily Parry, Arrowhead Nordic
6th Skylar Gottlieb, Huntsville
7th Ellie Foxcroft, Port Sydney

5km – Female Age 9-11

3rd Carolyn Yungblut, Arrowhead Nordic
4th Leah Richter, Arrowhead Nordic
9th Cate Gottlieb, Arrowhead Nordic
10th Mackenzie Martin-Padfield, Arrowhead Nordic
11th Joan Foxcroft, Arrowhead Nordic
12th Sofia Asturi, Arrowhead Nordic
14th Naiya Hampton, Arrowhead Nordic
15th Kate Pollington, Arrowhead Nordic

5km – Female Age 12-13

1st Mya Marshall, Huntsville
3rd Dale Graham, Arrowhead Nordic
6th Roxanna Welsh, Port Sydney
8th Emily Angell, Arrowhead Nordic
9th Laura Yungblut, Arrowhead Nordic

5km – Female Age 14-15

1st Kelsey Smith – Arrowhead Nordic

5km Female Age 16+

1st Holly Strickland, Arrowhead Nordic
2nd Shelly Brandon-Yungblut, Arrowhead Nordic
3rd Susanne Allen Spiers, Arrowhead Nordic
5th Louise Azzara, Arrowhead Nordic
7th Maxine Bastedo, Huntsville
11th Ally Myers, Arrowhead Nordic
12th Cheryl Gevaert, Huntsville
14th Sheila Brandon, Arrowhead Nordic
16th Andrea Laidlaw, Huntsville
18th Andrea Smith, Huntsville
19th Samantha Pollington, Huntsville
20th Beth Cragg, Huntsville
21st Lindsey Gottlieb, Huntsville
22nd Mara Hallman, Port Sydney

15km – Male Age 14-15

3rd Zachary Varieur, Huntsville
5th Riley De Gans, Arrowhead Nordic

15km – Male Age 16-17

1st Owen Johnstone, Huntsville
5th Colin Welsh, Arrowhead Nordic

15km Male Age 20-29

2nd Bryan Stone, Arrowhead Nordic

15km – Male Age 40-49

8th Tom Welsh, Port Sydney
10th Dave Johnstone, Arrowhead Nordic

15km – Male Age 50-59

7th Todd Weiler, Arrowhead Nordic
8th Gerry Forestell, Huntsville
12th Andrew Fyfe, Arrowhead Nordic

15km – Female Age 12-13

1st Clara Pringle, Arrowhead Nordic

15km Female Age 14-15

2nd Fiona Shearing, Port Sydney
6th Lila Varga, Arrowhead Nordic

15km – Female Age 16-17

1st Natasia Varieur, Huntsville

15km – Female Age 20-29

2nd Natalie Connell, Huntsville

15km – Female Age 40-49

3rd Jennifer Nicholson, Huntsville

15km – Female Age 50-59

4th Louise Choquette, Arrowhead Nordic
5th Barbara Hesk, Arrowhead Nordic
6th Anne Lindsay, Huntsville
7th Catherine Smith, Huntsville
8th Sue Sedgwick, Utterson

30km – Male Age 18-19

4th Nathan Johnstone, Arrowhead Nordic

30km – Male Age 20-29

4th Orion Austrup, Port Sydney
9th Carl Tusz, Arrowhead Nordic

30km – Female Age 40-49

1st Tracy Marshall, Huntsville

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