Making a difference, one pink porta-potty at a time


Serving community comes first for Katy and Dave McGregor. It’s evident in their business, Northern Disposal & Sanitation, and also in the causes they choose to support.

Three years ago, Dave suggested to Katy that they use their business to support our local hospital and the Pumping for Patients campaign was born, along with its sister program, Pink for Patients. A portion of the cost of every septic tank they pump is donated to the Huntsville Hospital Foundation in support of cancer diagnostic and care programs, as is a portion of every rental of a pink portable restroom.

They recently made their largest donation yet – $5,000 – to the Huntsville Hospital Foundation thanks to the support of their clients.

“Katy and Dave and Northern Disposal & Sanitation were one of the first Business Cares (supporters) in Huntsville and we really appreciate their support,” said Katherine Craine, Executive Director of the Huntsville Hospital Foundation. “I really think that we should support those who support us and support our local hospital. Their heart is in this 100 per cent. They are a family business and very hard workers. Katy gets it as far as giving back to the community and that it’s the right thing to do and how it is meaningful for her business and the community.”

To bring more awareness to the Pumping for Patients campaign, when they purchased a second pumper truck last year they painted it with ribbons denoting the different types of cancer. The truck, “Miss Nikki”, is named for Katy and Dave’s 11-year-old daughter, something she’s very proud of, says Katy.

"Miss Nikki", Northern Sanitation and Disposal's newest truck, is named for Katy and Dave McGregor's daughter

“Miss Nikki”, Northern Disposal & Sanitation’s newest truck, is named for Katy and Dave McGregor’s daughter

Over the past 10 years, the McGregors have grown their company from scratch into a successful business, all the while working hard to increase awareness about sanitation and how to ease its environmental impact.

They implemented a program, Clean & Green: Healthy Potties for a Healthy Planet, to ensure they are doing their part. “The green movement was popular maybe 10 years ago, and it seems to have died off, but we think it’s important,” says Katy. They use a non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, biodegradable deodorizer in their portable restrooms, along with toilet paper and paper towel made from 100 per cent recovered material, recyclable garden pots as some of our garbage cans in our units, and solar lighting in their wedding units.

“We take a lot of pride in what we do,” says Katy. “The cleanliness of our portable restrooms speaks to our belief in our business. Customer service and being out there and supporting the community are equally important to us.”

Katy shares that philosophy with the up-and-coming business owners she mentors through Muskoka Futures. She is also a Rotarian and vice president of the Muskoka Builders Association.

“We care a lot, both about our business and our community,” says Katy. “We love what we do.”

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