Make time for you! Yoga on the beach, ukes in the park, armchair adventure, and more!



Life is busy. Blink and it’s somehow already next Tuesday. So how do you make time for you amidst all the craziness?

Taking time out to do things that you enjoy might seem like an indulgence, but there’s plenty of evidence out there that me-time is an essential part of a healthy, balanced life no matter what stage of life you’re in.

You know that if you leave it until you have a break in your schedule, it’s never going to happen. Those open times get filled up quickly with other commitments. But if you plan ahead and sign up to do something just for you, it’s near impossible to ignore.

The Town of Huntsville’s leisure programs are one place to find a wide variety of affordable activities to fit just about every interest.

There isn’t an activity that more encapsulates a relaxed and balanced life than yoga on the beach. Join instructor Monica Larade for yoga at Hutcheson Beach on Saturday mornings starting June 8. Sign up for a four-week session—there are three running this spring and summer—for just $35, or drop in for $10 per class. Beginners are welcome.

If you prefer your movement set to music, try NIA. It’s a combination of dance and therapeutic fitness that’s great for building balance, core strength, and mind-body connection. NIA is aerobic and can be adapted for all fitness abilities and all ages. “It’s fun and lighthearted and it makes you feel good,” says Simone Babineau, the Town’s Manager of Leisure Services. “People are always surprised at how much fun they have and then they realize they are getting stronger.”

NIA is for everyone!

NIA is for everyone! (Photo: Town of Huntsville)

The best time to learn how to practice some self-care and take time for yourself is now. (The second-best time is when stress or illness begin take their toll, but it’s best to avoid that altogether.) “Don’t wait until your health is already in trouble to do something for yourself,” says Babineau. Self-care, reflexology, and workplace health classes offer some great tips on everything from self-massage and using essential oils to tools for dealing with workplace stress. The Town’s leisure programming has wellness-related options for families, adults and youth.

Planning ahead is also important when it comes to death. It’s not a topic we like to think about, but we’re all going to get there eventually and you’ll want your wishes to be carried out. Elizabeth O’Connor from RBC Wealth Management is back with her popular workshop on the responsibilities of being an executor. If you are naming an executor in your will or think you might be named one, this workshop will help you to understand the rules involved.

The woodcarving drop-in is a social way to learn about hand carving (Photo: Town of Huntsville)

The woodcarving drop-in is a social way to learn about hand carving (Photo: Town of Huntsville)

Sometimes, planning ahead isn’t possible. If you find you have time in your day, there might be a drop-in program that’s just right for you.

The Town has an extensive list of drop-in leisure programs. There’s pickleball, art, bridge, chess, checkers, euchre, dominoes, travel talks, wood carving and more! “There’s lots of opportunity for people to have fun and be social and active at the same time,” says Babineau. Full details are on page 12 of the leisure guide.

You can even enjoy some music in the park, with the monthly ukulele jam session and sing-along at the River Mill Park bandshell this summer. Play along, sing along, or just come to listen.

And there are lots of other opportunities to be active or learn something new, for all ages, including aquatic programs (there are opportunities to be an instructor, too!), fitness programs, culinary programs, and more!

And for the kids, don’t forget about summer camp (registration opens May 1; there are nine week-long camp sessions available), and the counsellor in training, first aid, babysitting and home alone courses.

See what’s available and make time for you this spring and summer at

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