Local resident to debut his breath-taking photography at Partners Hall for a good cause


Sometimes it takes a little nudge from a persuasive friend and a good cause to get you to venture out of your comfort zone.

Most people know Timothy Lapp as a local doctor, John and Elly’s dad or Martha’s husband, but very few know of his passion for photography.

His adventure with photography began on a canoe trip with the guys in Northern Canada. “I realized that what I was bringing home was not what I wanted it to be, so I started working harder at trying to make sure that my technique was better so the images were more representative of what I was seeing,” recalled Lapp. He has since refined his technique and has been taking striking photos, particularly black and white ones, for many years and on many trips, but it’s a talent he’s mostly only shared with friends and family—at least until now.

Persuaded by friend and Huntsville Art Society co-chair Pam Carnochan, Lapp, although with some trepidation, has agreed to take his work into a more public realm. He’s mounted an exhibit of his work at Partners Hall in the Algonquin Theatre and will be hosting a reception this Saturday.

“There’s a sense of revealing yourself that I’ve never really had before,” said Lapp. “Most of these pictures have never been seen by anybody other than my family and my friends. I don’t know how this is going to play out. I do the work for my own interest, that’s how I’ve always done it and I’ll keep doing that. Pam convinced me that maybe other people would like to see them as well and I could have some sort of impact, so that would be great, but I don’t really know what the rest of the world will think,” said Lapp, who is admittedly a little nervous about the exhibit.

At the same time he’s hoping his photography might inspire others to take in more of the wonders of the natural world, while calling on the conservation of the same. The theme of his exhibit is black and white photos, which include majestic rivers, awe-inspiring mountains and oceans, idyllic landscapes and expansive skies. Lapp is particularly fond of black and white photography because of its emphasis on tone, shape, form and texture. “I think it immediately tells the viewer that they’re looking at something that is not simply representative of that image, but something more than that… you’re automatically in some other form of art because the real world is not black and white,” he explained.

His collection of photographs includes images from places like Muskoka, Red Rock State Park in Arizona, the Bonnet Plume Range in the Yukon, Yosemite National Park in California and others. Many will be on display for the month of May as well as at Lapp’s reception at Partners Hall being held on Saturday, May 19 from 6 to 8 p.m. The reception is open to the public and although a purchase is not necessary, his photos will be available for sale. The net proceeds after the cost of materials as well as a commission to the gallery itself, which Lapp is very fond of, will go towards the fight against pediatric cancer.


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