It’s Wayback Wednesday: Another Parade


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In this week’s photo: another parade! Can you guess the date of this parade, or who the men pictured are? (Photo courtesy of the Muskoka Heritage Place Collection)
Photo from the Muskoka Heritage Place Collection

Wayback Wednesday is sponsored by Cavalcade Color Lab

Last week we shared this photo with you:

We don’t have details to accompany this picture, but Doppler readers filled us in.

The consensus is that is a fall fair parade of school children headed down Main Street toward the arena.

David Johns pegs the date as “1953-54. By the cars. Bowling Alley opened up 1952. Fall Fair march thru Town starting from H.P.S., something I always looked forward to. The Band I don’t know but the bass drummer looks like Gord Middleton.”

John Hall/Val Corbett added: “Percy Byers had the drug store and Sammy Peters had the restaurant, in my teen yrs , i.e. late ’40s , early ’50s maybe.”

Bob Forde wrote: “Campbell’s Drug Store 3 doors up from Byers’ on the corner. Did Metcalf’s have the smoke shope at that time? Trembley Shoe Repair beside Peters. I can’t remember what was in the other half of the shoe repair store front.”

Carl McLennan said: “Looks like Mrs. Henry leading the first group of kids.”

Dan MacDonald added: “I believe Mrs Bailey had remnant or sewing shop beside Latour’s.”

Murray Milburn remembers “a parade like that and we bussed in from VK, dress of the day was white shirt. some kids had bikes in a pack. I only remember the one time, say, 1968 or 69. Mighta been the last one?”

Nancy Schroder added: “Perhaps fall fair day when all the public school kids paraded from HPS to the arena where the fair was held That was our banner green & yellow.”

And Annette Schumacher wrote: “This could be the annual parade to the Huntsville Fall Fair. Not sure of the year…. The teacher accompanying the first group of HPS students might just be Mrs. Henry.”

Thanks for your comments, everyone!

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