Huntsville Skating Club to celebrate 60 years at annual carnival



The Huntsville Skating Club will be celebrating 60 years of skating at their annual year-end carnival this Sunday.

Once again, the skaters have put together an entertaining performance that showcases their talent and growth in skills over the year. This year’s show, A Diamond Jubilee of Skating, features music from carnivals from over the past 60 years, and will include an appearance by special guest skaters, 2019 Canadian national silver medallists Trennt Michaud and Evelyn Walsh.

The Huntsville Skating Club was established in 1959 out of Huntsville’s then-Centennial Arena. The year-end carnivals have had various themes, including Alice in Wonderland (1975), Disney on Ice (1976), Smurfs and Company (1983), Centennial Capers (1986) which was a tribute to the Town of Huntsville’s 100th anniversary as well as the last Carnival in the old arena, Cinderella (1996), Legends of Music (2003), and Peter Pan on Ice (2014).

The club has also been joined by many distinguished guest skaters, both local and internationally known, over the years, including Gabrielle Daleman, Violetta Afanasieva & Pete Dack, Brian Orser (now an international-level coach), Lee Barkell (now a national-level coach), Robert McColl and Tracey Wilson (Canadian Dance Champions), Tracey Wainman (now a national-level coach), Tara Hannon (1995-96 Junior Ladies Champion of Central Ontaro), Tina Bullen (1984 Novice Ladies Northern Ontario Champion), Tracey Robertson (1981 Novice Canadian Champion), Matthew Smith (1994 Junior Mens Champion), Jacob Cryderman (2003 All Ontario Championship Silver Medallist), Sugar and Sp’ice Pre-Novice Synchro Team (North Bay), and Aimee Nickason (novice level skater with the Mariposa School of Skating).

Skating, like many sports, requires the dedication of local people to run its programs and to spend early mornings, evenings and weekends to help young skaters develop their skills. Club presidents have included Kerri Vallentin (current), Robin Brushey, Kathryn Thompson, Dale Wreggitt, Shirley Markle, Henry Tebby, Bill Fraser. Club coaches have included Marilyn Leigh, Douglas Leigh, Donna Raeburn, Tom Harrison, Christine Mantle-Marnoch, Tim White, Linda Vandertas, Jeff Trott, and Megan MacNeil.

Join current and past club members for A Diamond Jubilee of Skating on April 7, 2019 from 1-3 p.m. at the Canada Summit Centre to celebrate 60 years of skating in Huntsville. Tickets are $10.00 each and are available from the club as well as at the door. Visit for more information.

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