HTC’s latest production, Sex Please, We’re Sixty, promises lots of laughs


Huntsville Theatre Company’s new production, Sex Please, We’re Sixty, opened last night, Thursday, May 17, to a sold-out house at Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area.

Written by Michael and Susan Parker and directed by Dan Vanderveer, Sex Please, We’re Sixty, focuses on the funny explorations into the libidos and trysts of men and women over a certain age, who are still trying to prove they have it what it takes.

The cast includes Derek Shelly, Jane Morris, Jayne Drinkwater, Michele Koner Ineson, Sally McClelland and Terry Savory.

So why should you come see it? Well, Vanderveer answers some questions to explain why:

What is this play about?
Love is still a possibility whatever “the change” or whatever your age. One pill for happy and the other has you baking in a flash. Lust, love, libido and laughter and love wins the day.

Talk about your cast. How are they doing bringing these characters to life?
The two men and the four ladies who make up the cast are hard working and fun. Each one is playing a character that is different from their real personality, which is giving them the freedom to “be” the character. Early at the start of rehearsals they each explored a “back story” for their character and we talked about how they envisioned
their character before the time frame the play is placed and we looked at how their characters relate to the other characters.

What should the audience expect?
Audiences should come with the expectation of not having any expectation, then the story can unfold and they will be free to enjoy and laugh – this is the best way to experience live theatre.

Tickets are going fast for this play. Why do you think that is?
Everyone one loves a comedy and the title makes you laugh. I have talked about this production and have posted it on my Facebook which helps and it could be that after what seemed like a long winter everyone is ready for a comedy.

What do you hope the audience takes away from this production?
It is my hope that they have a fun time watching the play and that they will come to more of Huntsville Theatre Company productions.

Sex Please, We’re Sixty runs until May 20 at Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area. Tickets for the May 18 show is sold out, with tickets still available for the remaining three shows. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased from the Huntsville Theatre Company website or at Castle Antiques. You can also try to get tickets at the door, but it’s risky!

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