HHS says farewell to principal Kim Williams


After eight years at Huntsville High School (HHS), principal Kim Williams will be leaving in a shuffle that has the principals of Muskoka’s three high schools trading places. Williams will return to Bracebridge Muskoka Lakes Secondary School (BMLSS) in the fall, the school she was at prior to HHS. BMLSS principal Trent Willett will move to Gravenhurst High School (GHS) and GHS principal Alison Turnbull will be headed for Huntsville.

“It’s been an honour to be a member of the Hoya family,” said Williams. “The passion that staff shows in wanting to support students is amazing. The opportunities that are afforded to students because of that passion is incredible. And I am very proud of the way our students conduct themselves, particularly those who are representing the Hoyas, whether it’s in music or robotics or athletics.”

Williams said that she is particularly proud of the way HHS celebrates the success of its students who are seeking out trades as well as the success of the school’s special needs students—two areas that are passions of hers.

“For the special needs students, their pure enjoyment of coming to school is contagious. They make it fun to be at school with them,” said Williams. “For the students that are in the tech classes, it’s very similar—to see their excitement when they are learning to weld or change tires or to make a table, and to listen to them as they talk about what they are making is exciting. I feel privileged that they are excited to share their successes with me, to tell me about the things that they have accomplished.”

Williams has enjoyed the positive energy of the staff and the students at HHS and how fully committed they are to everything they do, and said she is grateful for the support of the staff and the community and the students. “Their patience as I learned to be a principal here from my first years of not really feeling like I knew what I was doing to now, I feel like I’ve been well supported and I am grateful for that support that I have received.”

And she hopes that the larger Huntsville community knows how much the school appreciates its support. “HHS is a true representation of a community that is very supportive and engaged,” said Williams. “It’s impressive how many community members volunteer their time at Huntsville High School in different ways. On behalf of all of the staff and students, I really want to thank the community for their support of our students and staff. There’s the idea that it takes a village to raise a child, and that’s so reflected in the community in Huntsville.”

Her replacement from GHS, Alison Turnbull, is excited to be returning to such a supportive community. She has been the principal at GHS for the past five-and-a-half years, and was a VP at BMLSS for two years before that. Prior to BMLSS, she was VP at HHS for four years.

“Huntsville is a great school and a super supportive community,” said Turnbull. “I have great respect for the teachers that work there and I recognize there will be lots of new people there. I’m excited… I will meet with the people and see what they want to see happen, how they want to support their students and their school, and I’ll be there to support them in doing that.”

Highlights from the TLDSB June 12 board meeting also noted that HHS Vice Principal Jennifer Jewiss will be headed to BMLSS in the fall and her counterpart from there, Shelly Duben, will be coming to HHS.

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