Heavy police presence around King William results in arrest



Photos: Tamara de la Vega

UPDATE: Huntsville OPP Detachment staff sergeant John-Paul Graham has confirmed that the sounds area residents mistook for gunshots came from a bear blaster. He also said the individual who is known to police and has since been arrested had a replica handgun very similar to what police are issued.

“The bear blaster had made people feel that what he was carrying in his hand was quite real,” said Graham. “We were initially told it was a handgun that was making the noise and certainly at the conclusion of apprehending the individual we retrieved a couple of airguns.”

Graham commended motorists, area residents and visitors for their patience as well as the work of his own police officers in securing a busy area of Huntsville from a potentially dangerous situation.

“In this day and age we want to be responsible in our response in these type of situations,” he said.


King William Street was closed for several hours this afternoon in response to what some described as possible gunshots heard at approximately 2 p.m. But according to an area resident the noise was allegedly caused by a loud ‘bear blaster.’

The OPP’s tactical unit responded, and a man was eventually arrested.

King William Street was closed between Cliff Avenue and Scott Street and some area businesses were evacuated during the investigation. Police have not yet released an official statement about the incident.

King William Street was closed for several hours while police investigated reports of gunshots that were later determined to be made by 'bear banger' type noise makers

King William Street was closed for several hours while police investigated reports of gunshots.

OPP officers in the area where the noise was first reported

According to an area resident, the ‘bear blaster’ was employed from this parking lot which resulted in the closure of King William.

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  1. Since this incident … all I have heard from people are negative comments!
    My perspective since moving to live in Huntsville is very” Thankfull “!that police have a presence in my community! That they do take serious our calls when it is”Unknown what at the moment is really happening!” And they side on the fact of.. come and treat it serious until ruled out otherwise!!!
    Id rather breathe easier after inconveniences then be found negatively criticizing their actions..!..
    But maybe those I have heard would rather critique them critically even when the next “event” could be questionable too…??? unknown at the time… but have fatal outcomes! Why do we even in this day and age deny fatal outcomes are all around us whether in cities or towns.?.And then and only then… become stirred up with emotions and mixed with gratitude for the authorities.. whether police, fire, paramedics, first responders or even good samaritans…when they put their lives on the line for others!
    But maybe its the challenge again of human nature we all struggle with… selfishness… do we only care when it affects us alone…?…Question we can only answer for ourselves!
    I live in an apt building.
    I live in Huntsville now… not outside of it in the country.
    This took me from personally just having an opinion from ignorance and speaking my own judgments according to me… living outside of true experience!
    Now my story has changed due to… “Now it IS a personal testimony of my experiences.. based on truths, situations, circumstances, real happenings… not opinions from outside of the box just looking in!
    The person that has learned and changed is me!
    And I have only more Thanks, Gratitude and Appreciation personally to those Authorities I mentioned earlier because of what I have witnessed and gone through while living here!!!
    By the way, I only moved here in 2014 and have too many experiences to write about on one page… more are needed!!!
    Once again.. Thank You to those who protect me and my community I live in!!!
    “You ALL do not hear enough THANKS!!!”

  2. I totally agree with Janice Larade. Those who protect us, respond to our emergencies, provide us with services that we require to stay healthy or well fed, or just generally offer some help, need to hear an awful lot more of the words “thank you”, either given directly to them or from their management when you take the small amount of time needed to request and fill in a customer service form on their behalf. There is far too much negative commenting going on, and if you have the time for that, you can certainly make the time for some positive reinforcement that will definitely make someone’s day!

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