Have you checked out the Town’s new interactive online strategic plan?



During the September Council meeting, Town of Huntsville staff unveiled the new digital look of the 2019–2023 Strategic Plan that is not only measurable but data-driven.

Council was pleased with the actionable design and approved the 2019-2023 strategic priorities outlined in CAO, Denise Corry’s report.

You can view the digital document on Huntsville.ca.

CAO, Denise Corry, shared her excitement about the plan’s new look:

To my knowledge, we are one of the first municipalities in Ontario to create a digital Strategic Plan that can be updated in real time. It is much more functional than a PDF document. The team has taken innovation to the next level by making the plan measurable, transparent and most importantly actionable.

The innovative design not only streamlines content but reduces duplication efforts for populating documents. The living online document allows for goals and objectives to be updated as they are completed. Therefore, data can be extracted for reporting, and the public can visually view the current pace of project completion. If more data is required to understand the full scope of project, the public can view additional data on the Open Data portal.

To view the 2019 – 2023 Strategic Plan visit Huntsville.ca.

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  1. Beverly Belanger on

    Very impressive! Would like to see public access to all lakes and rivers designated on map. Where can I legally put in a kayak and park? Which property is owned by the town?

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