District to host public information session on relocating outfall from Golden Pheasant wastewater treatment plant



Main image from the District of Muskoka 2014 Mountview Wastewater Treatment Plant and Huntsville Sewage Works Upgrades Class Environmental Assessment presentation

The District Municipality of Muskoka completed a Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) in 2014 that identified a Preferred Solution to upgrade the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) infrastructure capacity to meet the requirements of the community. As documented in the Environmental Study Report, the Preferred Design Concept consisted of three major components:

  • Decommission the Mountview WWTP, construct a new sewage pumping station (SPS) at the Mountview site
  • Construct a new forcemain between the new Mountview SPS and Golden Pheasant WWTP; and
  • Upgrade the Golden Pheasant WWTP to expand the capacity and improve effluent quality. Additionally, asset maintenance will be undertaken to address required equipment and infrastructure replacements and

Addendum to the Preferred Solution

The District Municipality of Muskoka is undertaking an update to the 2014 Class EA in the form of an official Addendum. This Addendum proposes a relocation of the current Golden Pheasant WWTP outfall from the mouth of the Muskoka River to the east/central basin of Fairy lake. Additionally, it is suggested that the current Golden Pheasant WWTP outfall pipe be re-purposed as the conveyance forcemain between the anticipated Mountview SPS and Golden Pheasant WWTP.

Please note that only those topics proposed in the Addendum are open for review.

Public Information Session

The District is hosting a Public Information Session to provide members of the public and other stakeholders with an update on the project and the changes being proposed. The Public Information Session will be held at:

November 29, 2018
Time: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Location: Partners Hall, Algonquin Theatre
37 Main Street E, Huntsville, Ontario

To submit comments or questions regarding the update or the environmental assessment process, please contact the project consultant team:

Emily Gallant, GHD, 184 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5A 4N3
Phone: (416) 866-2368, Email: [email protected]

Mr. Fred Jahn, District Municipality of Muskoka Engineering and Public Works,
70 Pine Street, Bracebridge, ON P1L 1N3
Phone: (705) 645-6764, Email: [email protected]

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1 Comment

  1. I thought they were going to do this, abandon the Mountview plant nearly 20 years ago.
    One also has to wonder why it is that way way back, the town took it’s water out of Hunters Bay, and dumped it’s sewage into the river at Mountview. This put the intake upstream of the outfall which just seemed to make good sense in case anything ever went wrong.
    Now they take the water supply from Fairy Lake and put the sewage outfall into the river feeding into Fairy Lake. I suppose they have done a lot of studies and calculated that the river maybe just passes through the end of Fairy Lake, I hope they have figured this right as at first glance it seems sort of backward.
    That force main to the treatment plant… that will be along highway 60 I suspect for at least part of its run. Didn’t we just rebuild this part of the highway? Just in time to dig it up again?
    Tell me they have another route!

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