Aitchison to run as this area’s Conservative candidate in the upcoming October election



Parry Sound-Muskoka Conservative Riding Association members have elected Huntsville Mayor Scott Aitchison to run as the local Conservative candidate in the upcoming federal election this October.

Aitchison was vying for the position against Alan Fraser, Holly Thompson, and Meghan Shannon.
(See earlier Doppler story, Four candidates are vying for the Conservative Party nomination in Parry-Sound Muskoka.)

Aitchison has indicated in the past that if he gets the local Conservative riding nomination, he would take a leave of absence as Huntsville Mayor to run in the October federal election. If Aitchison is successful, he will be stepping down as Mayor of Huntsville.

Party faithful gathered in Bracebridge today to vote for their candidate and elected Aitchison out of three other candidates. Aitchison won on the third ballot.

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  1. Susan Magee on

    I hope Karen Terziano is appointed as deputy mayor. We sure don’t need the expense of another election for Mayor. Karen and Scott have the same agenda and she really cares so it makes sense that she carries on as mayor.

  2. Jacquie Howell on

    I have some concerns about Scott running for another elected position while holding on to the one he has. As an employer, I would feel that a person who wishes to seek another position, indicates they are unhappy with their current position and therefore, should resign their current position. If he is unsuccessful in obtaining the new position he could seek election in the following municipal elections, when the voters could support or reject him.
    The fact he is not resigning indicates to me that he is not confident that he will obtain the riding. It is nice to guarantee your job , one way or another. There are many people in this riding that work very hard to keep the job they have with no guarantee .

    Good Luck

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