2018 Commentaries that engaged, enraged, Doppler readers the most



A look back at 2018 confirms that it was not a year without controversy. Doppler writers and readers were eager to share their opinions on a wide variety of topics important to the Huntsville community. At Doppler, we strive to provide readers with opinions across a wide spectrum of topics from a diversified group of writers. Here are some of the commentaries that engaged our readers the most.

Listen Up! I am not among those who believe that Tony Clement should resign

Doppler Chairman and weekly Listen Up! commentary writer Hugh Mackenzie said for him the most difficult commentary to write this year was his piece about Tony Clement, following the revelations of his ‘sexting’ escapades. It was also the commentary that received the most reader engagement, and not necessarily in support of Mackenzie’s opinion.

To be clear, I do not respect his actions in recent months. I do not condone them and I do not understand them. I wanted to yell at him for being so stupid. What I do believe however, is that whatever has happened, whatever has motivated him in respect to his behaviour, it is separate and distinct from the person Tony Clement really is. It is simply not the substance of the man. He could not have fooled so many people at so many levels of public and private life, for so long, if this were the real Tony Clement.
Hugh Mackenzie

This column was also the impetus that sent Doppler in search of a writer with an opposing view to balance what some readers were calling our overabundance of  ‘white-privileged male’ writers. Kathleen May found us and her first commentary, Let’s expect – and demand – more from our leaders, was a great introduction to what more was to come from her.

One fully functioning acute-care hospital or two?

Without a doubt, the work being done to determine what the future of healthcare will look like in Muskoka was the top newsmaker of 2018.

Doppler posted many excellent commentaries from knowledgeable writers such as Dave Wilkin and Ross Maund,  Hugh Mackenzie, Hugh Holland, Patrick Flanagan, and more. Even mayor Scott Aitchison took time to weight in.

Listen Up! If we don’t do something it’s looking like Bracebridge will get the hospital
If the Hospital Board and the CEO would just work with us we could be powerful allies ~ Huntsville mayor Scott Aitchison
Our health care future is bright with a two-site hospital ~ Philip Matthews

One Muskoka is not for Huntsville ~ Hugh Holland

One Muskoka reared its head once again. New life was breathed into the movement when Gord Adams announced he would take a run at being elected District chair on the platform of one level of government for all of Muskoka.

Kathleen, the woodshed can be a necessary and revitalizing experience ~ Robert Hurst

It was bye-bye Kathleen Wynne in early June when her Liberal government was soundly toppled by Doug Ford’s Conservatives. Robert Hurst wrote an entertaining commentary, personalized for Kathleen, on why it is sometimes necessary to spend some time in the woodshed. If you missed it the first time around, be sure to read it now.

And finally, Hugh Mackenzie said the column he had the most fun writing this year was this one:
Listen Up! Many years ago council differences were resolved over a case of beer in the old Fire Hall

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