Caleb Creasor and Jason Knox bring home the championship for Team Ontario


It’s one thing to be named to play for your province in a National championship.  It’s quite another to have that honour three years in a row.

Jason Knox and Caleb Creasor are members of this year’s Ontario U18 Men’s Field Lacrosse Team. They competed in the Canadian Nationals this weekend in Oshawa. Both were in their third and final year on the team. Both were named Captains for the second year in a row. And both came away with another Championship win!

U18 Team Ontario captains, from left, Jack Follows, Jason Knox and Caleb Creasor accepting the First Nations Trophy for winning the National Championship

“It’s always a pleasure to play and represent your province and for me to be able to go back again and play for Team Ontario is always an honour,” said Knox who is beginning his college studies at Hobart Williams Smith in Geneva New York this year.

“Being back for a third championship is just as big an honour as it was the first time,” said Creasor who was  playing in goal for Ontario. “I’m excited to be a leader on a younger team and hopefully pull off a third gold medal.”

Both players are also hopeful of being named to the National Under 19 team that will play in a world tournament in 2020. “I think representing your country in any sport is one of the highest honours, and I hope I’m able to do that,” said Creasor.

Knox shared that sentiment. “Playing for my country has always been a dream of mine, and I would be extremely honoured to fulfill that dream and play at the U19 world level.”

As for school Knox says he’s looking forward to his first year at Hobart, where he picked up a lucrative sports scholarship.  He will be pursuing a bachelor of science degree for the next four years while also playing division one lacrosse.

“I’m really excited to start playing here at Hobart,” he said this week.  “Right now we’re just getting into the fall season and getting into our workout and practice routines.  I can’t wait till the season starts in January.”

Caleb Creasor has also accepted a scholarship to play at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania; recognized as one of the top research universities in the United States.  However, he will not start there until next year.  This school year he will be attending Hill Academy in Vaughn where he hopes to hone his athletic skills and increase his educational knowledge.

He will be under the watchful eye of Brodie Merrill, a professional lacrosse player in Toronto.  Hill Academy is known first for its lacrosse focus but several other notable athletes have also graduated there including Mitch Marner of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

“The Hill Academy, I think, will bring my game to the next level,” said Creasor.  “I haven’t had any real formal goalie training, so the expert coaches at the Hill I hope will be able to get me to the point where I can be a freshman starter at Lehigh.”

“Lehigh University is a small school,” he added “with just over 5000 kids.  I’m excited to play there.  It’s going to be a competitiveness and a speed that will challenge me to get better and climb to a starting spot.”

Both players feel they are giving back by competing again this weekend, but ultimately are hoping for a spot on the 2020 under 19 team.

In any event, life for the two Huntsville players is changing and both are welcoming the challenge and what lies ahead.

Jason Rudge, Head coach U15 Team Ontario

It was also an exciting weekend Huntsville’s Jason Rudge, who was the U15 Team Ontario Head Coach. The U15 Ontario team pulled out the win against the tough BC team, ending up with an 18-10 victory in the final game.

The Huntsville Lacrosse program is alive and doing well!





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