What you need to know about bylaws this spring


How well do you know Huntsville’s bylaws? Maybe you have a question about what you’re allowed to do, maybe you’re concerned about something your neighbour is (or isn’t) doing. The Town’s bylaw department is there to help.

With spring in the air and summer just around the corner, the Town’s bylaw department is often asked questions about parking and clean yards. Here is some information to help you learn more about these bylaws.


As the weather heats up, it becomes more difficult to find parking downtown, however, there are several parking options. Some are designated as two-hours and others as full-day. Choose a parking spot based on how long you’ll be there. The Town recently opened a new full-day parking lot for the summer months, accessible from High Street behind Town Hall or from Princess Street.

There are also spaces on the streets to the south of Main Street that are less than a five-minute walk away. Enjoy a little bit of exercise as a bonus to finding a spot more easily. You never know what you might notice on your way that you haven’t before. Watch for signs telling you where there’s no parking allowed; it is often for safety reasons related to traffic and pedestrians. Of course, it’s also important to remember: keep access to fire hydrants clear and if you don’t have an accessible parking permit, leave those spots free for those who do. Hefty fines come with parking in these spaces.

Last year, the Town and the Downtown Huntsville BIA hired a summer parking ambassador to help alleviate some of the parking issues in the town’s core. The ambassador did issue parking tickets for parking in no-parking zones or for overstaying the two-hour limit, but was also there as a source of information to help and direct people about where they can park legally, and answer questions about where to eat and what events are happening around town. The parking ambassador will return this summer and will be taking a positive approach to education and awareness ahead of ticketing when it comes to parking.

Updated and interactive maps are coming soon, which will include walking times to Main Street from the various parking areas around town.

Be courteous and respectful when looking for parking in downtown Huntsville. Don’t shy away from a short walk, especially if you will be enjoying downtown for more than two hours.

You’ll find more information on parking in Huntsville here.

Clean yards

The snow is (finally!) gone, but it may have left some unpleasant surprises after it melted. Maybe it’s that lawnmower you meant to fix but never got around to or some garbage that didn’t make it all the way to the curb for pick up. Or maybe you’re working to repair or restore an old car. In your garage, that’s fine. But they don’t make great lawn ornaments, particularly if you have a collection of them. Despite good intentions, your yard might be an unsightly mess that needs some tidying up.

Clean Yards also encompasses your lawn. It seems like you just cut it last week, but now it’s deep enough that a small dog gets lost in there. It’s time to trim it back to six-inches tall at most. (Undeveloped lots left in a natural state aren’t included here.)

Remember, too, that while it’s tempting to speed your yard clean-up by burning leaves, yard waste can’t be burned in Huntsville

All of these scenarios fall under the Clean Yards bylaw, which requires land to be maintained in a clean and clear condition.

Talk it out

Many bylaw complaints arise when one neighbour isn’t happy with the behaviour of another. The Town’s Chief Bylaw Enforcement Officer, Andrew Stillar, says the best first course of action is to talk to each other. “Many of these issues can be resolved simply by talking to your neighbour. They might not be aware that what they’re doing is a problem.”

But if that doesn’t work, or if you have questions about what constitutes an offence, contact the Town’s bylaw department for advice or to lodge a written complaint. You can find more information on bylaw enforcement here.

But keep in mind that spite complaints—frivolous or retaliatory complaints or those filed with the intention of malice—aren’t tolerated.

You can find all of the Town’s bylaws on its website here.

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  1. Valerie Corbett on

    Re parking, I complained last year about the lack of lines defining parking spaces on Main St., nothing was done. People just park haphazardly and the spaces are not fully used. I haven`t looked yet this year to see if lines have been painted, if not , why not?

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