Wasn’t that a party? Sports Hall of Fame inductees honoured


Photos courtesy of Don McCormick

Huntsville Sports Hall of Fame president Wendy McConnell says roughly 140 people attended this year’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony and the evening was very well received. Some attendees, she says, commented that it was the best one yet.

Inducted were the 1987 Huntsville Taylor Floor Coverings Junior B lacrosse team,  athletes Larry Ireland and Ken Thompson, manager Roy Oke, and builder Dave Russell.

“We had a lot of people in the seats who were supporters of the 1987 Hawks lacrosse team which was being inducted,” Wendy said. “It was really nice to see many of them out and they were all happy. It was like a big reunion for them.”

The 1987 Taylor Floor Coverings Junior B lacrosse team, then:

1987 Taylor Floor Coverings Junior B lacrosse team

Gus Liadis, Mike Fisher, Dave Kennedy, Steve Taillifer, Kirby Evans, Andy Long, Mike Graham, Kevin Knox, Jamie Lockwood, Jeff Coleman, Louis Liadis, Jeff Gilbert, Jason Bionda, Scott McPhail, Mike Weiler, Shannon Clayton, Wayne Clarke, Paul Jefferies, Marc Lapointe, Mike Taylor, Tony Henwood, Jason Farnsworth, Mark Quemby and Greg Baumhour.

And now:

(Back row from left) Mike Fisher, Mike Wieler, Tony Henwood, Kevin Knox, Jason Bionda, Jamie Lockwood, Jeff Coleman, Louis Liadis, Wayne Clarke, (front row from left) Brian Thompson, Jeff Gilbert, Dave Kennedy, Mike Graham, Ross Gilbert, Fran Coleman and Gus Liadis.

In addition, the Mike Greaves Award for male sportsperson of the year went to Bill Kennedy, and the Jan Glenn Award for female sportsperson of the year was co-awarded to Justine Brown and Melissa Key for their role in organizing the Band on the Run Half Marathon.

The President’s Award was shared by Tracy and Randy Robinson and Bessie and Dino Georgas for dedication and continued generous support of sport and recreation in Huntsville.

Wendy says one of the things that made the night even better than usual was a change that was made to make the visual aspect of the awards ceremony easier to see. “We changed this up a bit with the visual,” Wendy explained. “In previous years people had a difficult time seeing the pull-down screen, and we can’t dim the lights because of the TV production, so the two large screen televisions that we had at the front really made a difference this year and I think that was probably one of the key factors in the success.”

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