President trump? Please No.


Actually, I know the guy and I like him. Several years ago he was a client of mine and I still have a picture hanging in our home, of The Donald on the front page of the Toronto Sun, with an autograph from him saying, “Hugh, You’re the Greatest”. Yes, I like and admire him in many ways, but President of the United States of America???…Please no.

In one particular venue, there was an escalator that went down four floors without stopping. So as one descended, there was a wall immediately in front of you about 6 feet wide and four stories high.  The entire wall was a portrait of Donald Trump. As we were descending, The Donald pointed at the wall and said,” You see that tie? ( It was probably 2 stories long) It is the longest tie in the world and it is in the Guiness Book of World Records”.That was pure Trump; all about his brand, all about him. Ironically, his ties, which are part of his brand, are making news today, as journalists have learned that they are all made in China!

I am not surprised that Donald Trump is rising in the polls as a Republican candidate for President. He is one part charm, one part cheerleader and one part bully. He takes no nonsense and he believes in himself so much that some people believe he can accomplish whatever he sets out to do; defeat ISIS, restore the economy, bring Russia and China to their knees and make America great again. But Donald Trump’s finger on the nuclear button? No thanks. He is too impulsive, too combative, too egotistical and too scary.

The Republican slate for President so far, is bulging at the seams with wannabes and at this point in time, Trump is running second only to Jeb Bush. On the Republican side, I’ll take Jeb Bush. Hopefully, in the primaries, Republican voters will say, “Donald, we like you a lot…but you’re fired!”


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