People feeding the pigeons should be given a ‘fowl’


Pigeons at Huntsville’s Canada Summit Centre are creating ‘poopie’ problems for patrons and staff.

Appearing before council on December 21, executive director of Community Services and Economic Development, Kari Lambe, lamented the ongoing problem with the pigeons. “We have tried a number of things in the past. We’ve tried the fake owls. We currently have the spikes. We even have the spikes serviced on a regular basis because the pigeons actually try to bump the spikes off and try to build nests on top of the spikes.”

The pigeons have been a problem since day one. They seem to really like the roost provided by the covered entrance. According to Lambe town staff spend time everyday washing the pigeon poop away from the entrance to the Summit Centre.

Not only is pigeon poop unsightly and acidic, it can be toxic. According to Health Canada, pigeon feces are known to carry a fungus that can cause infection and compromise the immune system.

Lambe says some people have taken to feeding the pigeons in the area of the Summit Centre and the High School, which only serves to exacerbate the problem.

A quick internet search revealed a few helpful, or perhaps not helpful, suggestions:

  • Birth control for the prolific birds
  • Anti-roosting spike strips (someone should let Google know these don’t work)
  • Spice things up a little with pepper, cinnamon, or cayenne pepper
  • AVIOD FEEDING under any circumstance
  • Loud bangs and water guns
  • Ultrasonic devices

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  1. As the climate warms birds move. We no longer have the Canada Jay because it is too warm for them in winter (their food spoils as the natural “deep freeze” is no longer reliable)
    Now we have pigeons. Well really, what did you expect? We have built cottages and now this big public building in the “Muskoka Look” style. (Who decided the big open beams where the “Muskoka Look” anyway?)
    These nice covered but open beams are perfect for birds like Pigeons!
    When I first saw the Summit Centre I commented that it would be a great Pigeon roosting place and it looks like this time I might be right.
    The multi million dollar “art objects” that are used as cottages may be the pigeon’s next target and what about that lovely new animal hospital on Highway 60? I’d imagine the Pigeon Real Estate birds are already scoping this one out.
    We have not even got to the Geese, the “migratory bird” that no longer migrates. I call them “Air Racoons” as they are about as useful, make a similar mess but they move faster!

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