Our Town with Grant Nickalls: What is it about trains?


Each week, Huntsville’s own Grant Nickalls will inspire us, entertain us, make us laugh or perhaps cry, but always he will remind us why Huntsville is the best place on earth to call home.

This week: Grant remembers Huntsville’s train station through a young boy’s eyes.

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  1. Emmersun Austin on

    Our town without a passenger train is indeed a little sad Grant. All the memories, of people dropping off or picking up their friends & loved ones, which could have been. Interestingly enough CN still operates a freight train north & south everyday while the tracks lay empty without movement most of the time. Freight over people. Goods over safe & efficient movement of people. Seems a little odd. How did this happen? Could there be a resurgence of passenger rail travel? In an era of “climate change” & congestied unsafe highways, is the return of the train possible?

  2. Great work, Grant. interesting stories, well told. I really like the video format. Please keep up the great work.

    Ray Richards in Retirement…..

  3. Finally got on to Doppler; Great Work Folks,

    Grant I really appreciate your article about the Train and being 7 years old… I have many great memories too. My family and I travelled to and from Toronto often for shopping, the Santa Clause Parade and so on.
    >> BUT, those memories live on… We still travel lots by train across Canada and the U.S. and it’s still the best way to travel, where you are truly a Guest and not an inconvenient necessity. Unfortunately we now have to take a bus to Toronto to continue our journey’s. Ahhhh, but one day, when we wake up to choking GHG’s we’ll realize our error and rebuild our public transportation networks and be, as we so enjoy, a community on a long distance Train Trip…. to somewhere special.

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