Muskoka Extended Transit (The MET) launches mid-January


The District Municipality of Muskoka (District) is pleased to announce the launch of Muskoka Extended Transit (The MET) on January 12, 2016. The MET is a piloted transportation project funded by the MTO until March 2017. The goal of this transit system is to make it easier for people living in rural areas to get to main communities.

“Many organizations have long expressed concern about transportation options in Muskoka,” says Rick Williams, Commissioner of Community Services at the District Municipality of Muskoka. “Many people of low income or with disabilities have problems in getting to services, recreation or visiting friends. This new service is intended to help change that and enable all people to move more flexibly within Muskoka.”

This transit system will be using school buses during the day. There are seven routes throughout Muskoka with some routes travelling once per week or every 1st and 3rd week of the month. Days of travel will be either on a Tuesday or Thursday.

  • Route 1 – Dorset/Dwight to Huntsville (will travel weekly on a Tuesday)
  • Route 2 – Baysville to Huntsville (will travel weekly on a Tuesday)
  • Route 3 – Severn Bridge to Gravenhurst (will travel weekly on a Thursday)
  • Route 4 – Glen Orchard to Gravenhurst (will travel weekly on a Tuesday)
  • Route 5 – Vankoughnet to Bracebridge (will travel 1st and 3
  • Route 6 – MacTier to Bracebridge (will travel weekly on a Thursday)
  • Route 7 – Honey Harbour to Midland (will travel 1st and 3rd week of the month on a Tuesday)


  • Adults = $3.00 one way or $5.00 Return
  • Teens 13–18 = $2.00 one way or return
  • Children under 12 = $1.00 one way or return
  • Preschoolers = Travel Free

All passengers, organizations and/or community agencies/services are welcome to pre-purchase passes. Please feel free to contact The MET.

Please note that The MET will only be travelling on days when school buses are running. The MET will not be operating when buses are cancelled because of bad weather, holidays and summer

For more information or for passengers, organizations and other community agencies that would like to pre-purchase passes, please email [email protected] or call Kim Rinaldo, Project Lead at705-645-2412, ext. 261 (or 1-800-461-4215). You can also visit the Community Services website to receive more detailed information on The MET and routes including scheduled stops and times.


  1. Emmersun Austin on

    A baby step in the right direction but not too sure how this service will “enable all people to move more flexibly within Muskoka”. For instance , if I need to go to Dorset from Huntsville on a Wednesday, what do I do? The price is right, but maybe we need more of an überizing of our transport. There are more than enough vehicles with empty seats going everywhere all the time. What is stopping us from being more “efficient”? Good luck with the MET.

  2. Why on Earth would a bus be going from Mactier to Bracebridge and one from Glen Orchard to Gravenhurst?
    Possibly the Mactier bus will stop to pick up people in Glen Orchard on the way through to Bracebridge?

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