Local camp hosts the finish line for season seven finale of The Amazing Race Canada



If you’re a fan of The Amazing Race Canada, the scenery in last night’s season seven finale would have looked familiar.

The final three teams raced from Nova Scotia to Muskoka for the last leg of the race. While here, they completed tasks at local landmarks including the cranberry marsh in Bala and Santa’s Village in Bracebridge before heading for the finish line at Port Sydney’s Camp Min-Yo-We.

Anthony and James, the married couple on team Ahkaweyimok, crossed the finish line first to be declared champions.

“It was so exciting that our location was selected for this first time that The Amazing Race has been in Muskoka!  We think our property is pretty special, but this is a huge validation from the producers of this show,” said Jez Bell, Director of Outdoor Center from Camp Mini-Yo-We in a media release.

Camp Mini-Yo-We is located on Mary Lake just outside of Huntsville and was selected to be featured as part of the epic finale because of the gorgeous views and classic Canadian camping experience that it provides, added camp representatives.

“Camp Mini-Yo-We was the perfect location for a finale on The Amazing Race Canada. We always seek out locations that are private so that we can keep the results secret until September, and so it’s a bit tough to find for the racers,” said Jon Montgomery, the long-time host of The Amazing Race Canada. “Camp Mini-Yo-We provided this and more—the wood cabins and main lodge were beautifully contrasted by the sandy beach and lakefront vista provided by the scenic location of the camp.  We couldn’t have asked for anything more!”

See the full episode on CTV.ca here.

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