Jen Foote is one of the few female turf managers in the golf industry, a stat she hopes to help change


While the number of women in the golf turf industry lies at a disappointing one for every 99 men, Jen Foote hopes to change that statistic and even the playing field for females who want to pursue those jobs in the future.

After studying forensic science with the intention of going to med school, Foote realized that the golf industry is where her passions lie.

Before changing her path completely and attending the University of Guelph for Turf Management, Foote had over 15 years of experience in the golf industry.

Just two months ago, Foote began her new position as Turf Manager at Deerhurst Resort and hopes to one day be the superintendent. Her duties include managing staff and fixing problems, and she is also in charge of both 18-hole course grounds as well as anywhere that has grass across the entire Deerhurst property.

“Growing grass and maintaining it is much harder than you’d think,” said Foote.

Although Foote is in charge of 25 staff members, only one of her full-time employees is a woman.

“We are in such an exciting time now with women being represented more than ever,” said Foote. “I think having a woman’s perspective in any industry is really important.”

Foote is loving everything about Muskoka and Deerhurst and plans to live here for many years to come.

“Deerhurst has been incredibly welcoming,” said Foote, “As a woman it’s hard to break into this industry but they have gone above and beyond to support me.”

While Foote says she only plays golf about a dozen times a year, she wants to further her skills while working at Deerhurst.

“Unless you have exposure to golf you don’t really know much about it so women may not even know about all the opportunities there are out there,” said Foote.

Aside from becoming superintendent one day, Foote’s goal is to recruit more women to work in golf at Deerhurst.

“We need more women out here!” said Foote, “I’m out-numbered by men so let’s take this place by storm.”

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