It’s Wayback Wednesday: Dice on Ice


Welcome to Wayback Wednesday sponsored by Cavalcade Color Lab! Every week, we’ll be sharing a vintage photo and asking our readers to chime in with anything you can recall about the photo, other related memories, or even a funny caption. Have some vintage photos of your own? Send them to [email protected] and we may share them with our readers!

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It’s Wayback Wednesday brought to you by Cavalcade Color Lab! We shared an image of a long ago track earlier this year, but here’s a close up of racers at a Dice on Ice event. Can you guess the year or tell us anything else about this photo? (Image courtesy of Muskoka Heritage Place.)

Wayback Wednesday is sponsored by Cavalcade Color Lab

Last week we shared this photo with you:
Even with the close vantage point for this photo, many of you correctly guessed it as the old Red Cross Hospital (now Fairvern). Ted Turner said, “Huntsville Memorial Hospital built about 1948 by Hill, Clarke and Francis,” and Brian Tapley added, “It might be the addition that was added, I think in the 60s and is now part of Fairvern.”


  1. We had a Austin Healy Sprite, a MG Midget, and a MG A down on Mary Lake, Port Sydney. These were the days when a lot of small sports cars, that were made in England, were sold in Canada. Locally it was Pioneer Garage owned by Mr. Clark that had the dealership selling B.M.C. cars.

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