First aid skills are important for the workplace and beyond



Do you know what to do in a medical emergency?

Quick action can be critical when someone is injured or suffering from an urgent medical condition like a heart attack. Having first aid and CPR knowledge ensures that you can help when something happens.

Regulations require that every workplace has at least one—and sometimes more—person who is certified in first aid to be in charge of the company’s first aid kit.

It’s also a good skill for kids’ to have, at least on a basic level.

No matter what your age or where you work, the Town of Huntsville offers first aid training that will fit every situation. There are courses for businesses, private individual, and healthcare providers. The babysitting and home alone courses also provide basic first aid knowledge for kids.

If you’ve had first aid training, remember that you need to be recertified at least every three years—more often if your profession requires it.

The Town also offers all levels of CPR training, including a new course for health care workers called Basic Life Support.

“We are proud to be among the first to be certified and ready to go with this new course,” says Morven Barnes, the Town’s Aquatics Coordinator.

Lifeguard training

You can also get National Lifeguard Service (NLS) training if you’re interested in working in the aquatic field, notes Barnes. It’s great training for older teens—you can take Red Cross Instructor training as young as 15 and Lifeguard training at 16—and almost guarantees them a job no matter where they go, as long as there’s a pool.

“Just about everyone, including the Town of Huntsville, is always looking for qualified lifeguards and instructors,” says Barnes. “It gives you that one up on the employment situation.”

It’s a job that has a lot of responsibility. “There’s a lot of training that goes behind it. It’s a job that should get more respect than it does,” says Barnes.

Adults looking for part-time work can take the lifeguard courses, too. “We do whatever we can to fast-track them through the training, and we even subsidize a lot of the training for adults because we are looking for adult staff all the time,” says Barnes, adding that it makes a great job for adults who have other responsibilities like children at home or another part-time job but want to do something extra. We are extremely flexible in our shifts, we work around everybody’s schedules. It works out very well if you are trying to do it along with other things.”

For more information on first aid and lifeguard courses at the Town of Huntsville, visit or call 705-789-6421 to book a corporate session.

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