Duplicate Bridge results and tip: Useful conventions worth learning, part eleven



By Peter Rhead


In some bidding sequences, you ask yourself “Does partner have four cards in his bid major or does he have more than four?” The “Support Double” convention helps to answer this question.

To use this convention, you must follow these precise conditions. You are the opener. You open precisely One-Club, One-Diamond or One-Heart. Partner responds precisely One-Heart or One-Spade over your opening and opponent’s interference (if any). Partner’s hand is unlimited. He guarantees at least six points and four of his respective major (Hearts or Spades) but he could have thirty points and five or more cards in his bid major. You hold precisely three-card support in his major. It is your turn to bid. How do you proceed?

But first, if you open One-Club and have six Clubs with sixteen or more points, you should jump in Clubs to Three-Clubs to show the strength and shape of your hand. However, if you have only a minimum hand for your opening (12-14 points) and there is no interference by the opposition, you now should bid One-No-Trump with your three-card support. Such a bid will allow partner to re-bid his major to show a five-card major suit. From there the bidding can proceed with agreement on the major suit knowing that your combined assets are an eight-card major, the magic fit.

Now, what happens if your right-hand opponent bids Two-Clubs over partner’s major suit response? This is where you use the “Support Double” convention. You bid “Double” over the opponent’s Two-Club bid. Your Double tells partner that you have exactly three-card support for his major and you want to know if he has a five-card suit in that major because he has guaranteed only four with his bid. If in a different hand where you did have four-card support, you would bid the major at the two level directly, showing partner the combined eight-card major fit.

The Support Double is a fun convention to find your major fit at a low bidding level. Use it only to find a major fit (Hearts or Spades). Use it only when partner can respond to your Double at the “Two” level. Otherwise you may get up too high in your bidding. You and your partner must have an agreement for the “Support Double” in this sequence of bids.

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12 NOON FOR LUNCH Friday, Sept 20, 2019 $20 per person
Port Carling Community Centre (lower level) Check-In 11:30
A great opportunity to enjoy companionship while supporting a cause.
Arrange your foursome and bring necessary supplies for your table.
Please pre-register by Sept 18. Provide all four names to Kathy Haller 705-375-0914

TOURNAMENT TRAIL: Gold and Red Masterpoints, Orillia Regional
Sept 17-22, 2019 Barnfield Point Recreation Centre
500 Atherley Road, Orillia
For details follow this link: https://tournaments.acbl.org/schedule.php?sanction=1909088


Games are at the SUMMIT CENTRE Thursdays, 7pm.

PLEASE NOTE that our NEW VENUE for Bridge DURING THE SUMMER is the Summit Centre “Don Lough Warming Area”. This room is located on the second level of the Summit Centre accessible by taking the right-hand stairs (elevator) after Passing through the main entrance. The room does not have a kitchen; hence, please bring your own beverage (we will still provide snacks).

Just come – with or without a partner. Please arrive 10 minutes before game time.

For information, please contact Donna or Peter Tikuisis at 647 471 1774 or [email protected].

For now, this game will be played following Chicago Rules (allowing both fast and slow games). You will keep your same partner for the entire evening. Cost is $1.50 per person.


Games for the Port Carling Social Bridge Club are Monday evening 7pm at the Port Carling Community Centre, 3 Bailey Street. Please arrive with your partner at least 10 minutes before game time.

For information, contact Andree or Scott 705-764-3827 [email protected]

We play holiday Monday Sept 2, 2019

Results for Monday, August 19, 2019; 1. Dorothy Beckman & Irene Bond; 2. Peter Rhead & Els Vandenberg; 3. Jeff Hall & Mary Schultz


Games are Tuesday 7pm Trinity United Church 33 Main Street. Please arrive with your partner at least 10 minutes before game time. For partners and information call Jan Roberts 705 635-2522 or email [email protected]

The following winners are for Tuesday, Aug 203, 2019 with 18 pairs playing a Mitchell Movement North-South 1. Joanne Garvey and Mary Simonett; 2. Mary Whitehead and Helen Pearson; 3. Gerry VanLierop and Ron Groulx; 4. Donna Tikuisis and Peter Tikuisis; 5. Betty Fagin and Brian Brocklehurst; East-West 1. Liz Graham and Dorothy Russell; 2. Susan Marshall and Jan Roberts; 3. Art Insley and Don Evans; 4. Marjorie Clark and John Clark; 5. Jill Boschulte and Yutta Savoia


Games for the Bracebridge Club are Mondays 7pm, Knox Presbyterian Church, 120 Taylor Road. Please arrive with your partner 10 minutes before game time.

The following winners are from Monday, Aug 19, 2019 with 22 pairs playing a Mitchell movement. North-South 1. Vince Sottosanti and Sue Scott; 2. Gerry Flaherty and Vern Foell; 3. Mary Luke and Donna McIntosh; 4/5. Jacqueline Britz and Joel Britz; 4/5. Betty Fagin and Brian Brocklehurst; East-West 1. Virginia Warren and Angus Warren; 2. Liz Barnes and David Bryce; 3. Pat Davies and Janet Yanuziello; 4. Anne Hampton and Bill Hampton; 5. Art Insley and Don Evans

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