Duplicate Bridge results and tip: Useful conventions worth learning, part twenty-one



By Peter Rhead

Jacoby 2NT Cue Bid Responses

Last week we described the Jacoby Two No-Trump (Jacoby 2NT) convention and when it should be used. Remember, the purpose of the convention is to facilitate slam bidding. You know already that your partnership has the values for a game, and possibly slam, with at least a nine-card major suit fit. This week we will describe the responses that are part of this convention.

After your partner has opened One Heart or One Spade and you have responded 2NT, your 2NT bid must be alerted and explained to your opponents. Playing this convention, each and every bid you and your partner make has a special meaning. Therefore each and every bid, that is not natural, must be alerted and explained to your opponents.

After bidding 2NT, start the slam investigation. There is more than one possibility for responses to the 2NT bid. The agreement I prefer is a cue bid sequence of first round controls (an Ace in the suit or a Void) up the line (Clubs Diamonds Hearts Spades). Remember, a cue bid is the bid of a suit in which you do not plan to play. Each cue bid has a special meaning in an agreement with your partner so the cue bids must be alerted to the opponents.

For example, partner opens One Heart. You respond 2NT showing at least four-card Heart support and an opening strength hand (13+ points). The agreed-upon suit is not part of the cue-bid sequence. After your 2NT, opener’s next bid might be Three Diamonds which denies first round control in Clubs, (because it was skipped), but shows first round control in Diamonds (the Ace in the Diamond suit or a void in the Diamond suit).

Now it is your turn to bid. You might bid Four Clubs which denies the Ace or a void in the Spade suit but shows either the Ace or a void in the Club suit.

You always skip the agreed-upon suit, in this case Hearts, until either partner has no additional first round controls to show. Then they bid Hearts at the lowest level possible, or slam if they believe it is a possibility. If they want to check for Aces first, they bid Four No-Trump to ask for Aces. Now it should be possible for one partner to make either a game or slam determination.

Any interference by the opposition and the Jacoby 2NT sequence is cancelled. Then you just bid the cheapest Heart game with your known great partnership holdings.

For more information, read “Jacoby 2NT” by Barbara Seagram in “25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know” P. 83

Next Week: Jacoby Transfers: When and How to Use Them

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In the multi-purpose room 2nd floor (elevator) (back entrance of Summit Centre)

Just come – with or without a partner. Please arrive 10 minutes before game time. For information, contact Donna or Peter Tikuisis at 647 471 1774 or [email protected]

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Games for the Port Carling Social Bridge Club now for the Winter are Monday afternoon 1pm at the Port Carling Community Centre, 3 Bailey Street. Please arrive with your partner at least 10 minutes before game time.

For information, contact Andree or Scott 705-764-3827 [email protected]

Results for Monday, Oct. 28, 2019 1. Pat Davies & Sandy Thompson 4870 points; 2. Susan & Ted Daglish 4190 points; 3. Louise Kirbyson & Mavis Hall 3600 points


Games are Tuesday 7pm Trinity United Church 33 Main Street. Please arrive with your partner at least 10 minutes before game time. For partnerships and information call Jan Roberts 705 635-2522 or email [email protected]

The following winners are for Tuesday, Oct 29, 2019 with 11 pairs playing a Howell Movement 1. Yvonne Cox and Carol Sullivan; 2. Kelly Andresen and Kel Andresen; 3. Art Insley and Don Evans; 4. Gerry VanLierop and Ron Groulx; 5. Liz Barnes and Bev Howard; 6. Vern Foell and Rod Dixon


Games for the Bracebridge Club are Mondays 7pm, Knox Presbyterian Church, 120 Taylor Road. Please arrive with your partner 10 minutes before game time. For information contact Brian at 705-645-5340 [email protected]

The following winners are from Monday, Oct 28, 2019 with 11 pairs playing a Howell movement. 1. Mary Luke and Donna McIntosh; 2. Liz Barnes and David Bryce; 3. Kathy Kent and David Kent; 4. Betty Fagin and Brian Brocklehurst; 5. Frank Vagnoni and Gerry Lawrence; 6. Betty Rintoul and Kel Andresen

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