Duplicate bridge results and tip – Differences between Duplicate and Social Bridge part three of three: bringing it all together


By Val Rhead

I play both forms of Bridge and enjoy both, but I must admit that I prefer Duplicate. Often you hear players exiting from a Social Bridge game, moaning “I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t have any cards.” In Duplicate, if you have developed your defensive skills, you can often get top scores defending with bad hands or competing with better hands.

The rules are stricter in Duplicate about players who give unauthorized information to their partners. I’ve discussed this in recent columns. If a player, in a fit of frustration says, “Darn it partner. I have another rotten hand.” He has inadvertently given his partner unauthorized information about his hand which may unfairly influence the bidding.

I also like bidding boxes. These were first introduced a number of years ago to solve the problem of players all playing the same hands. If they heard the bidding at the next table, they could get unauthorized information which was often helpful. “Gee,” a player would think, “They bid Six Hearts and went down. I’d better stick to game.” Bidding boxes have the side effect of making it easier to remember the bidding and also making the bidding easier to discern when the player has a hearing problem.

If you’re a Social Bridge player, who wants to give Duplicate Bridge a try, explain that you’re a newbie when you arrive with a partner at almost any Duplicate Bridge Club (most clubs do not require a reservation). The other players will be kind. Someone will be happy to explain to you how bidding boxes work, and how you play the cards: in front of you and not in the middle of the table. It’s a good idea to arrive at the game a bit early to allow for some assistance.

The first night may go by in a blur, but before long you’ll feel like you’ve been doing it all your life and will begin making points (master points that is). If you get enough of these, you will become a Life Master or achieve even a higher designation such as Gold Life Master. Players in most of the Social Bridge clubs I play in, put in a loonie at the beginning of the game. The winners take home cash. In Duplicate Bridge, you play for the prestige, and take home Master Points. Of course, in both forms of Bridge, you play for the fun.

If you wish to promote an activity in your bridge group or ask a bridge question, send the information to [email protected] and I will try to include it in this column.


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Gravenhurst Senior’s Centre 480 First Street North

A great opportunity to enjoy companionship while supporting young women in Muskoka to go to college and university. Arrange your foursome and bring necessary supplies for your table. To register, please provide all four names to: Mary 705-646-8881 [email protected]


Games at the Huntsville Club are Tuesday 7:15 start, Trinity United Church 33 Main Street. Please arrive 15 minutes before game time. For partners and information call Jan Roberts 705 635-2522 or email [email protected]

The following winners are for Tuesday, Oct 10 with 13 pairs playing a Howell movement. 1. Betty Fagin and Brian Brocklehurst; 2. Jim Smith and Ralph Mitchell; 3. Susan Marshall and Jan Roberts; 4/5. Sheila Jenset and Vern Foell; 4/5. Betty Rintoul and Bev Parlett; 6. Barb Golding and Arlene Crozier


Games for the Bracebridge Club are Mondays 7pm, Knox Presbyterian Church, 120 Taylor Road. Please arrive 15 minutes before game time. For information or partnerships, call Brian at 705-645-5340 [email protected]

The following winners are from Monday, Oct 9 with 14 pairs playing a Mitchell movement. North-South 1. Betty Fagin and Brian Brocklehurst; 2. Kel Andresen and Jim Smith; 3. Mary Luke and Donna McIntosh; 4. Bev Parlett and Vern Foell; East-West 1. Liz Barnes and David Bryce; 2. Val Rhead and Joanne Garvey; 3. Joan Joel and Peter Joel; 4. Kathy Kent and David Kent

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