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What began as a hobby has since blossomed into a thriving family business. The Cutter’s Edge, which recently opened a new, 13,000 square foot showroom 30 Howland Drive—its fourth location with other stores in Burk’s Falls, North Bay and Verner—has been building beautifully hand-crafted, solid wood furniture for more than three decades and has evolved into a full-service home furniture and decor business.

“We are a family-run business,” explains Huntsville general manager Robin Wood. “My parents (Terry and Hubert Lawrence) established the business in 1987 and all five members of our family are all still very active at a management level. And we’ve hired a wonderful team to work alongside us that’s also become like family for us.”

The company’s roots are in manufacturing. “It’s definitely in our blood,” says Wood. “My dad was kind of a hobbyist and just loved working with his hands, and this opportunity came available to create this business. It’s been expanding every year since.”

The beautiful wood pieces created by The Cutter’s Edge and other local manufacturers are at the heart of the gorgeous showroom. And then layer upon layer of home decor has been added to each so that a visit to The Cutter’s Edge feels more like stepping into a perfectly appointed home or cottage than it does a retail space. That’s no accident.

“We’ve set up the store in a way that people can get a feel for the whole room, unlike a department store where you buy everything and have to pull it all together yourself. We try to give people the vision,” says Wood. “So they can come in and not have to pay a designer or be a designer. It’s already put together for them.”

And if someone sees a table they love, for example, but want it in a different colour or size or with different hardware, The Cutter’s Edge can customize those pieces, or they can build a unique design based on a client’s ideas. And then they can suggest a complementary area rug, chairs, dishes and other decor to pull together the look for them without the need for a high-end designer.

“We are trying to show our customers that designer feel without them having to create it themselves,” says Wood. “We’ve tried to always evolve and keep a step ahead of trends so that every time our customers come in they are going to see something new.”

They work hard to provide locally made and handcrafted items. The showroom’s couches and leather chairs, for example, are all made in Ontario, notes Wood.

The Cutter’s Edge also provides custom kitchen design courtesy of Adam and Josh. A modern kitchen display in the showroom offers a glimpse of what’s possible, with more ideas displayed on The Cutter’s Edge website.

The Cutter’s Edge even has a large selection ladies fashion, an offering they started in their Verner store a few years ago. “We have some higher end pieces like mother-of-the-bride dresses, down to casual shawls,” says Wood, adding that the prices range from $29 to $299. “There’s a little something for everybody.”


“The Cutter’s Edge is basically a one-stop shop,” says Wood. “You can buy clothing, your couch, your carpet, your bedding, your bed, your kitchen, your vanity, lighting, home décor, gift ware—anything for your home. We’ve tried to make this a destination store where people feel comfortable stopping here for an hour or two, versus just coming in to grab something.”

In that vein, The Cutter’s Edge has refreshments available and staff often bake cookies in the kitchen on Saturdays. And plans are in the works for a variety of events like fashion shows, cooking shows and classes, and design classes. “We will be reaching out to the community and drawing in local talent,” says Wood. “We are definitely going to be a very interactive store.”

Watch, too, for a grand opening celebration in the spring.

You’ll find The Cutter’s Edge at 30 Howland Drive in Huntsville, online at or on Facebook here.


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