Algonquin Art Centre presents “Living in the Wild” by Bev Hawksley


The Algonquin Art Centre is presenting “Living in the Wild”, a solo show featuring new works from painter Beverley Hawksley.

The Art Centre began showing Bev’s work in 2015, and she quickly became one of their most popular artists.

Her unique blend of media, from paint to charcoal to paper, creates a richly textured portrait of her wildlife subjects, bringing them to life in new and unexpected ways.

Growing up right outside of Algonquin Park, Bev had numerous experiences in the wild, experiences that helped shape her artistic imagination. “I have always been quite in touch with my wild self,” says Bev, “even when I didn’t quite understand what that meant.” This “wild side” is perhaps best expressed through her art, where the sharp gaze of a wolf or moose stares at the viewer as if recognizing a common root. 

“Bev has a natural gift for painting wildlife” explains Gallery Manager, Joel Irwin. “Her works are not only technically proficient, but they reveal the spirit of her subjects. We feel the animal’s presence as we take in the work. This is a rare gift that cannot be taught.” 

Beverley describes her process as uncovering ‘narratives’ and admits she seldom knows what that narrative is. “I have learned to trust the layering process that I use and what comes along with applying paper, collage, charcoal and paint is a kind of discovery of characters.  Whether I am painting human or animal forms, they seem to come with their own story.” 

The solo show, “Living in the Wild”, will be on display at the Algonquin Art Centre until October 22. Free admission. Please check for more details.

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