Addressing climate change – A four-part series focused on solutions



By Hugh Holland

We are seeing a great deal of information in the media focused on the EFFECTS of climate change; warning us of what to expect as climate change intensifies. That was a much-needed wakeup call because collectively most of us have been like the boiled frog, even before the IPCC first warned us about the looming crisis.

A four-part weekly series appearing on Saturdays on Doppler over the month of July will focus on SOLUTIONS that Canada could adopt to reduce emissions that contribute to climate change. Because the topic is too big to address in a single edition, each of the four parts will focus on roughly one quarter of Canada’s emissions. Oil and Gas is addressed last since what happens there depends on solutions in other sectors.

The series will be based on data from websites provided by Natural Resources Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and the International Energy Agency. The numbers shown in the chart below reflect million of tonnes of CO2.

Canada’s international reputation as a trading nation, and therefore our economy as well as our personal well-being, all depend on us achieving the emissions goal.  The goal is very demanding, but it can be met if governments and people work together and if everyone in all sectors does what is possible.

Hugh Holland is a retired engineering and manufacturing executive now living in Huntsville, Ontario.

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  1. I’m still waiting for someone to come up with a way to reduce all this stuff so far all i hear or see is we just have to do something . Then off they go in there private jet or a commercial flight and put more carbon in the air than I do in a year with my truck but somehow cars are the problem. Global warming has been going on for 10.000 years or more and is not going to stop. So lets stop fretting about it and start talking about pollution after all that is the main culprit .

  2. Paul Whillans on

    I suspect that you are already behind the curve….I f confirmed by other research, the recent announcement that the tundra thaw is 70 years ahead of the models, will prove methane from the melted perma frost will soar to the head of your list

  3. Here we go again.
    The statement “Canada’s international reputation as a trading nation.etc etc” depends on our meeting our emissions goal is made without the important caveat, “in my opinion”.
    It is stated as a fact and this “fact” is dubious.
    Our largest trading partners are not even signatories to the Paris accord.
    They have no intention of beggaring their economies in a quest to meet an arbitrary and bogus goal set by a committee of bureaucrats .
    It is a fact that if Canada shut itself down totally it wouldn’t make a meaningful difference to the earth’s climate situation. It is futile. We shouldn’t be the first ones to jump of the cliff. Wait for China and Russia and India and the US to jump first. And stop repeating the lie that CO2 is pollution.
    The Paris accord is to a large extent a socialist scheme to redistribute income and equalize poor countries with successful countries. I am not prepared to sacrifice our economy just so Justin can have a second tier seat on the Security Council.
    There are many learned and respected minds who have not jumped on the man made climate change band wagon.
    People need to read more science and less histerical press.

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