Want a say in next year’s Town of Huntsville budget? Complete the property tax and budget survey



The Town of Huntsville is conducting a survey to gain insight into how residents feel about their property taxes.

The survey allows residents the means to express what services they want to receive funding or improve and provide input on how money will be invested for the 2016 draft budget. The survey is available to be filled out online here or in person at Town of Huntsville facilities until November 13th.

Residents interested in gaining insight into what services are provided for their tax dollar and where the money comes from, are encouraged to read the Town of Huntsville’s Your Municipal Tax Dollars at Work: Property Tax Outline. This PDF booklet offers valuable information on the overall budget, sources of revenue and services delivered in 2015 and can be downloaded here. For more information on the 2016 budget please visit the Budget page on huntsville.ca.

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