Township foots bill for spill at Norway Point


An unfortunate event has cost the Township of Lake of Bays just over $7,000.

A spill, which according to municipal staff appeared to be hydraulic fluid, had to be remediated at  the Norway Point lake access, in the southern portion of the municipality.

“What appears to have happened was hydraulic fluid of some sort was spilled immediately coming off of the concrete on gravel. As a result, we had to respond, removed all the material, had it all tested and subsequently had it all shipped away to the proper landfill,” Lake of Bays Superintendent Steve Peace told council at its September council meeting.

“Being the land owner we have a responsibility to deal with a spill, regardless of who caused it and there’s no indication where it came from,” he added.

Staff was alerted to the spill via a phone call from an area resident.

According to Lake of Bays Treasurer Tom Gefucia, an investigation ensued but Township staff was unable to find the culprit.





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