Town commits $20,000 to help access the new Beer Store



At April’s regular council meeting councillors learned that prior to the Beer Store opening for business the Ministry of Transportation requires a right turn taper on Hanes Road at Ott Drive be installed. Town staff estimate this will cost no more than $20,000.

When asked by newly appointed councillor FitzGerald why the Town was paying for this and not the developer, Director of planning Chris Marshall said, “This has been a long-standing discussion that has been going back and forth. Originally the MTO was reluctant to allow the entrance off Hane’s Road. “Sometimes developers are asked to contribute to these things but it is late in the game and the developer was not expecting this.” Marshall went on to say that the turn lane would help with access to the whole area.

This response did not sit well with councillor Thomspon who said, “Now that the access has been granted this is their dime. I would say, Mr. Beer Store you’ll make this up in the first hour you’re open.”

Councillors Thompson and FitzGerald voted against the motion.

Prior to discussion on the issue, Huntsville mayor Scott Aitchison had declared a pecuniary interest and removed himself from the Chair and did not vote on the motion.



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