The best time to talk to a REALTOR® is as early in the process as possible

When Is the Right Time to Talk to a REALTOR®?

 By: The Rick Wearing & Sandra Parrott Team

 When would you talk to a car salesperson? Probably only once you’re ready to buy a new car. You would do some initial research (perhaps on the internet), get an idea of what you want, and then go to the dealership to meet a salesperson, test drive the car and make the purchase.

Although that approach may work when you’re buying a car, it’s not the best approach when it comes to real estate.

You see, successfully buying or selling a home, cottage or condo requires a lot of research, planning, organizing and legwork. You want the process to go smoothly from beginning to end. The right decisions need to be made, and the best possible terms and conditions need to be negotiated properly, in your best interests, on your behalf. After all, this purchase and/or sale of your home, cottage or condo, is possibly one of the largest assets that you have!

So, the best time to talk to a REALTOR® is as early in the process as possible.

In fact, even if you’re just thinking of buying or selling — and simply want to explore the possibility of making a move sometime this year or sometime in the future – you should have a conversation with a good, reputable REALTOR®, perhaps one who has been recommended personally by a family member, friend or business associate. Some of our past clients have met with us well in advance, sometimes six to 12 months, or even a few years in advance of making any potential real estate move.

A REALTOR® will answer your questions, provide you with the information and insights you need, help you avoid costly mistakes, and make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

When you are ready to buy or sell, having worked with a REALTOR® early in the process will help ensure you achieve your real estate and personal objectives and goals.

So talk to a good REALTOR® when:

– You have had a change in personal circumstances, perhaps a new job making it necessary to relocate, an addition to the family or perhaps even unfortunately a death in the family, divorce or separation.

– You have a question about the local real estate market and conditions.

– You need guidance / advice on what improvements you should make to your property in advance of listing to put your property on the market in its very best showing condition and of course to obtain the highest possible sale price that you can.

– You want to know what your home, cottage or condo might sell for today if it were placed on the market to potential Buyers.

– You’re interested in checking out homes, cottages or condos currently available on the market.

– You’re in the midst of deciding whether or not it is the right time to make a move.

– You’ve decided it is the right time to buy or sell.

Getting a good, experienced, knowledgeable local REALTOR® on your side early in the game makes sense and ultimately everything in the process be a lot easier and proceed more smoothly for you.

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