Our Town with Grant Nickalls: What are you thankful for?



Each week, Huntsville’s own Grant Nickalls will inspire us, entertain us, make us laugh or perhaps cry, but always he will remind us why Huntsville is the best place on earth to call home.

This week in Our Town, Grant shares a few of the things he’s thankful for this Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for?

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1 Comment

  1. THANKS and GIVING go together!
    They can only flow from the HEART…
    That Gentleman has out lived all his siblings… Amazingly so!!
    Despite the health issues he has gone thru… he still is going “one step at a time!!! ”
    He has alot to continue to teach us along his journey…
    The simplicity of Love and the Impact it has on all of Humanity around us…
    To be Loved for who you are! and not what you can do, give or have in life!
    He has ALWAYS lived a LIFE of Loving others, being Kind, Generous and sharing whatever was in need by someone around him and his wife!
    HIs Heart and Hers was always FLOWING in THANKS and Actively GIVING!
    In a nutshell… Of Themselves Completely!!
    They were a Living example of Gods Love to Be there for Oneanother… ALL of Us are very fortunate to have shared Life alongside of them both!!
    Now He walks without His Beloved Wife but He does not walk alone.. Faithful God He will tell You.. Walks with him every step of the way until it is his time to leave this earth and join them!
    His Joy and Laughter is evident daily, caring and kindness radiate from him, he is slower now and yes his mind fails him at times… but the LOVE I spoke about.. has only INCREASED thru ALL these years!!!
    He is a Blessing to All those that know him..
    He is a Blessing for such a TIME as this in your lives … Grant, Debbie and Your Family…
    Which is very Precious and short in the sense of time itself!
    He is My Uncle that has been a GREAT example of LOVE that has helped me thru my life!
    AND the Qualities of Simplicity CHALLENGE ME… to Remember what is really , really important in Life..
    the LOVE of Family, Friends, Neighbors.. Humanity!!!
    HE still Exudes that which He lived by… Because it Flows from HIS HEART.. LOVE!
    For generations we can learn from His Example.. and Live it out too!
    HE and His wife will live onward in ALL our Hearts….. as we walk out our Journey of life…
    the way HE does now… one step at a time!
    Blessings to YOU ALL xox

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