Campaign spending amounts made public

The 2014 municipal election financial statements are out and the information contained in them is very interesting.
In alphabetical order:


Campaign donations – $21,266

Campaign expenses – $21,526 (including $5184 advertising, $3414 brochures, $5188 signs, $1063 buttons/shirts, $2701 website/Facebook)

Donations of $750 –

Tulloch Geomatics, Tulloch Engineering, Tulloch Contract Administration,

Armstrong at 8 Ott Dr., 2209326 Ontario Ltd. at 75 West Rd., Steve Zakem of Aird & Berlis, lawyers for the Town,

Capital Paving, a Fowler Construction shareholder,

Stevens Investments of Guelph (turned up nothing in a search), Susan Greco of Toronto (turned up nothing in a search).

Donations attributed 151 Bloor St. Toronto (4 of them):

The Hon. William Graham, a Fowler Construction shareholder, Patrick Graham, his son,

A Faire Aujourd’hui Inc. owned by William Graham,

Silencio Inc.

HUGH MACKENZIE (Contributor to this site.)



Campaign donations – $18,448

Campaign expenses – $19,199 (including $7535 advertising, $3662 brochures, $4342 signs, $1961 professional fees)

Donations of $750 – Jim Alexander – Split Rock, David & Leslie Caswell – insurance, John and Sharon Koncan – dentists, Paul and Carol Johnson – related, John Edward Johnson – related, Ernie Eves – former Premier of Ontario, F. Stuart Lazier – related, James Estey – real estate management, Effort Trust – Huntsville Place Mall.



Campaign donations – $15,965

Campaign expenses – $21,550 (including $11,582 advertising, $1393 brochures, $5749 signs, $1000 office)

Donations of $750 – Sargeant Co. of Barrie – ready mix company, Devonleigh Homes – developers of Settlers Ridge, Greg Allemano of Guelph – filtration equipment manufacturer.

Of interest – Huntsville Forester contributed $300 worth of Op-ed services



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