It is important to Clarence Jenkins that he keeps walking so he joined Team Inclusion



By William Laughton

Clarence Jenkins (left)

Clarence Jenkins is a 73-year old man who has had arthritis for as long as he can remember. About 10 years ago his doctors suggested surgery for pain management, but that would mean Clarence wouldn’t be able to walk again. To this day, Clarence uses this solemn news as his motivation to keep walking.

Clarence is retired and has been retired for some time, but before retirement he worked for the Empire Hotel before it burned down.

Since Clarence wanted to stay active, he decided to become a part of Band on the Run.

Band on the Run is a race that occurs every year and includes live music (hence the name) and different levels of race difficulties: 5k, 10k, and a half marathon. It also has a celebration party afterwards at River Mill Park.

All the donations from the run go to Community Living Huntsville, an organization that supports the growth of an inclusive community in North Muskoka. Community Living Huntsville supports about 200 adults and children with developmental disabilities in the Huntsville area.

As of Monday May 27, 2019, Band on the Run had raised $5,286.66 from donations for Community Living Huntsville.

Clarence walks with Team Inclusion. Team Inclusion was created by Community Living Huntsville in 2016 for the purpose of encouraging people who wouldn’t otherwise participate in Band on the Run. They walk all over the community and in the Summit Center, if its raining. Team Inclusion has 20 members.

For more information or to join Team Inclusion call Community Living Huntsville at 705-789-4543 or email [email protected]

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William Laughton is a 14-year old student of Tawingo College.


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