Huntsville Otters and Town of Huntsville Reach New Six-Year Deal



The Huntsville Otters were pleased to announce this week a renewal of their current agreement with the Town of Huntsville for the next six years. With the previous deal set to expire in 2016, the new agreement will supercede the last year of that contract and extend into the 2020-2021 season. The deal provides a flat annual rate for the Otters to use the Canada Summit Centre during the hockey season, while also allowing the team to control the selling of rink-board advertisements.

“It’s great,” said Huntsville Mayor Scott Aitchison of the new arrangement. “It makes sure this facility is being used as much as possible, and it ensures that for another six years teams will be coming here to visit, spend money, and attract new people. It’s an important part of our economy.”

While the exact financial terms of the contract have yet to be disclosed, it will likely be for a similar dollar value as previous agreements, with a standard annual inflation rate. A report published by the Town in 2012 indicates the original deal to have been set at $12,000 per season.

“We have basically extended our old arrangement,” said Otters President Monty Clouthier after the signing. “The big thing we wanted was to get it locked in for a long term, so that the league knows we are here and the people of Huntsville know that we are here for real.”

According to Clouthier, the six-year term will also assist the club when renewing and attracting new rink-board sponsors.

“It helps when we are selling advertisements to groups and business. They know that we are here for six years, so they know they’re going to be dealing with us, and they know the money is going to the team and the town.”

As the ink dries on the new contract, the Otters look for their third consecutive win to start the 2015-2016 season when they welcome the Stayner Siskins to the CSC for a Friday night showdown beginning at 8:00 pm.

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