Huntsville Hoyas Nordic team kicks off season with golds at Hardwood


The Huntsville Hoyas Nordic team kicked off their season with a stellar showing at the Thames Valley High School Invitational at Hardwood Ski and Bike on January 7.

Two skiers walked away with top spot in their categories: Lauren Dupuis with a time of 11:11.2 in the Novice Girls 2.5km and Owen Johnstone in the Junior Boys 5km with a time of 15:12.2. The Junior Boys, Senior Girls and Senior Boys teams all earned gold in the invitational. The team’s next race is Friday, January 14 at Arrowhead Provincial Park.

Full individual results from the invitational are:

Novice Girls 2.5km
1st Lauren Dupuis 0:11:11.2
12th Katie Newberry 0:16:30.1

Novice Boys 2.5km
2nd Judah Meeker 0:09:10.1
3rd Martin Christensen 0:09:24.0
4th Aidan McClung 0:10:05.6
21st Teodor Katsarov 0:14:39.2

Junior Girls 4km
2nd Natasia Varieur 0:11:37.3
13th Madeline Horton 0:14:41.2
23rd Eden Baumgart 0:17:10.6

Junior Boys 5km
1st Owen Johnstone 0:15:12.2
5th Carson Pearse 0:15:53.2
9th Eric Bertelsen 0:16:24.5
14th Evan Dickson 0:16:57.3
20th Colin Welsh 0:17:21.7
27th Cameron Gibson 0:18:45.6
32nd Keegan Chan 0:20:08.4

Senior Girls 5km
6th Sarah Cowan 0:17:55.0
7th Ainsley Herr 0:17:55.3
10th Sarah Steele 0:18:19.0
13th Marly Hogue 0:18:47.8
20th Elora Weiler 0:20:03.1

Senior Boys 7km
6th Nathan Forestell 0:22:56.1
8th Alec Gibson 0:23:32.9
9th Nathan Johnstone 0:23:38.1
11th Leif Bertelsen 0:24:01.0
15th Tyler Pearse 0:24:55.8
19th Tommy Giblin 0:26:30.7
21st Eric McNeil 0:26:45.9
35th Noah Webster 0:30:35.4

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