Duplicate bridge results and tip: the strong two-club bid


By Valerie Rhead


This artificial bid says nothing about clubs.  To open this bid you need 22 or more points.  Some pairs also use it with a hand that has 8½ quick tricks such as a long running suit.  This is a forcing bid which your partner may not pass.

Players have different partnership agreements determining the bidding sequence after a two-club opening.  The convention that I find most efficient is this.  With at least an ace or protected king or two queens, partner responds two-diamonds.  This says nothing about diamonds.  This is one of the acceptable standard responses that is not alertable.  The bid is a game force (22 points plus three or four points equals at least 25 which is enough to have a shot at game).

If partner has a bust hand (he doesn’t have the minimum ace or protected king or two queens), he bids two-hearts (the next cheapest response after two-diamonds).  This says nothing about hearts.  The bid is alertable.  The opener, knowing that his partner has very little, then sets the bid at the best contract and partner passes.  Sometimes this is a part-score contract, but sometimes, if the opener has a very good hand, he sets a game contract.

If partner has eight or more points and a five-card suit, he bids the suit.  This is a positive bid.  If partner has a heart suit, he can’t bid two-hearts because that would indicate a bust hand.  He bids two-no trump instead, again alertable showing hearts.  With five cards in spades, clubs or diamonds, he bids one of those suits.  If partner has eight or more points but no five-card major suit, he first responds two diamonds, forcing to game.  If the opener responds two-no trump, the responder may start a Staymen or Transfer sequence to reach game or slam.

With a long suit, after showing bust hand, a responder may use transfers if opener rebids two no-trump.  The transfer is the only bid a responder can make after showing a bust hand.

If opener has several points more than 22 points, or if responder has several points more than eight, the respective player will become the captain and continue a game or slam bidding sequence.

If you wish me to promote an activity in your bridge group, send the information to [email protected] and I will include it in this column.


Fourteen Muskoka participants supported the Barrie Tournament Sep 15-20,2015. The tournament had as many as sixty tables playing at once and a total of 723 players winning masterpoints.  Muskoka participants with their masterpoints included Nancy Barber(2), Betty Fagin(1), Vern Foell(2), Joanne Garvey(1), Mary Hogarth(2), Bev Howard(1), Gaye Kastning(1), Mary Luke(4), Donna McIntosh(4), Valerie Rhead(3), Peter Rhead(3), Carol Anne Robinson(2), Jinty Stewart(1), Lyn Walisser(9)

Barbara Seagram and Patti Lee Annual Gravenhurst Bridge Seminar, held Thursday, September 24, 2015, Gravenhurst Seniors Centre

This fundraiser was a wonderful success.  One hundred participants from Muskoka and beyond raised $5400 for the children and families in the schools of minefield areas of Cambodia.  Many thanks again for this chance to continue the learning process.  Bridge players know that the efforts of Barbara & Alex, Patti and Marty, Lisa McCoy and Linda Harrison keep us coming back for more.  We keep coming back because of the fascinating dynamic their teamwork with each other and with the Rotary Club of Gravenhurst displays both here and abroad.  Good luck to them with this year’s adventures in Cambodia!  For more information about this project, visit www.aminefreeworld.org

Seminars and Games for both Duplicate and Social Rubber Bridge
Friday – Sunday Nov 6-8, 2015  

This is another opportunity to continue the learning process that never ends. For more information and registration, go to www.fernresort.com or call (705) 325-2256 or 1-800-567-3376.

TOURNAMENT TRAIL:  Silver Points, Barrie
One Day Sunday Swiss 11AM Nov 1, 2015

Your opportunity for fun and to earn silver points in a one day double session tournament Swiss Teams with stratification A = 1000+, B = 300-1000, C = 0-300, $120 per team, Royal Canadian Legion, 410 St.Vincent, Barrie, enter off Ferris Lane.  Pre-registration is NOT required.  Just come thirty minutes early with your team of four.


12 NOON Thursday, Oct 29, 2015 $20 per person at the Gravenhurst Senior’s Centre 480 First Street North. For Tickets Call Nancy Barber 375-3620 [email protected] or Cathy Gerereux 687-2157 [email protected]. Please arrange your foursome and bring cards for your table.


Games for the Huntsville Club are Tuesday evening 7:15, Trinity United Church 33 Main Street.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes early.  Call Betty 705-789-2560 [email protected] or Susan at 705-789-7156 [email protected] for information and partnerships.

The following results are for Tuesday, Sep 22 with 10 tables playing a Mitchell movement. North-South 1. Val Rhead and Peter Rhead; 2. Liz Barnes and Pat Davies; 3. Bob Schives and Bruce Elliott; 4. Beryl Clayson and Paul Clayson; East-West 1. Liz Graham and Dorothy Russell 2. Fay MacDonald and Carol Sullivan; 3. Mary Whitehead and Helen Pearson; 4. Susan Marshall and Betty Bennett


Games at the Bracebridge Club are at the Knox Presbyterian Church, 120 Taylor Road 7pm Monday evenings.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes before game time. For information or partnerships, call Brian at 705-645-5340 [email protected]

The following results are for Monday, Sep 21 with 10 tables playing a Mitchell movement. North-South 1. Betty Fagin and Bev Howard; 2. David Bryce and Bob Schives; 3. Kel Andresen and Jim Smith; 4. Mary Luke and Donna McIntosh; East-West 1. Fay MacDonald and Mary Whitehead; 2. Liz Barnes and Lyn Walisser; 3. Bev Parlett and Vern Foel; 4. Art Insley and Don Evans

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