Duplicate bridge results and tip: the joy of bridge books


By Valerie Rhead


One way to improve your bridge game is to read books about bridge. They are the kind of books that you can read and then put back on the shelf for future reference. One day you will come home from a frustrating game, look in the index, move to page 54 or 73 or wherever and find the answer to the problem that stymied you during the game.

Sometimes you can find bridge books in conventional book stores, but often the selection is minimal. The best place to find these treasures are in a booth at one of the larger bridge tournaments. Of course, whenever we go to a large tournament I visit the book booth.  But, this can be overdone. I was sorting through my bridge books recently.  Much to my horror I discovered that I owned two copies of the same book which was listed at $21.95. I used to do that with novels.

For those who don’t frequent bridge tournaments, the next best place to buy bridge books is online. I’ve listed some resources below. There are many volumes available, written by accomplished writers and bridge players and directed at all levels of players from beginners to expert.  There’s an excellent, easy to read series by a group of authors including Barbara Seagram, David Bird, Eddie Kantar, Marc Smith and Paul Thurston. All titles in the series have a large number “25” such as “25 Bridge Conventions You Should Know” or “25 Steps to Learning 2/1”.

There’s an excellent instructional series for players getting started in bridge, or seeking a brush up, produced by ACBL (The American Contract Bridge League) with separate volumes on bidding, the play of the hand, defense and two volumes on conventions. These may be found under the “ACBL Bridge Series” from any of the internet suppliers below. The ACBL internet site itself has learning programs. And of course, there are books written by other esteemed authors including Max Hardy, Marty Bergen, Larry Cohen and Audrey Grant to name a few.

We like to support Vince Oddy as our local Canadian supplier:
Vince Oddy, Bridge Books, Games and Supplies
42 Stemmle Drive, Aurora ON, L4G 6N4
905-727-2300 or 1-800-463-9815
[email protected]

Baron Barclay Bridge Supply (American), www.baronbarclay.com

ACBL (The American Contract Bridge League), www.ACBL.org

If you wish to promote an activity in your bridge group, send the information to [email protected] and I will include it in this column.


Games for the Huntsville Club are now Tuesday afternoon 1pm for the winter Jan‑Feb‑Mar, Trinity United Church 33 Main Street.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes early.  Call Betty 705-789-2560 [email protected] or Susan at 705-789-7156 [email protected] for information and partnerships.  For the winter, the game now is held downstairs in the warm basement.  To avoid the long stairs, enter from the door on Main Street.

The following results are for Tuesday, Jan 5 with 7 tables playing a Mitchell movement. North-South 1. Betty Fagin and Brian Brocklehurst; 2. Mary Simonett and Kel Andresen; 3. Jim Smith and Ralph Mitchell; 4. Mary Hogarth and Albert Eatock; East-West 1. Liz Barnes and Rod Dixon; 2/3. Liz Graham and Dorothy Russell; 2/3. Barb Green and Joanne Garvey; 4. Heather Hockin and David Hockin


Games at the Bracebridge Club are at the Knox Presbyterian Church, 120 Taylor Road 7pm Monday evenings. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before game time. For information/partnerships, call Brian at 705-645-5340 [email protected]

The following results are for Monday, Jan 4 with 7 tables playing a Howell movement.  1. Betty Fagin and Brian Brocklehurst; 2. Mary Luke and Donna McIntosh; 3. Art Insley and Don Evans; 4. Kel Andresen and Jim Smith; 5. Val Rhead and Peter Rhead; 6. Liz Barnes and David Bryce; 7. Bev Parlett and Vern Foel

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