New BIA Christmas decorations to jazz up downtown aren’t cause for concern


There are some new Christmas lights in downtown Huntsville thanks to the Downtown Huntsville BIA. “We changed the types of decorations we are using this year,” said Mandy Davis, beautification chair for the BIA. Laser projectors in the wreaths hung on light standards along Main Street will add some colour to the surrounding trees.

New laser projectors are part of the Downtown BIA's Christmas decor

New laser projectors are part of the Downtown BIA’s Christmas decor

It was intended to be a positive change, so Davis was surprised to read comments on Facebook that the lights could be harmful or are perhaps cameras put in place to monitor traffic or people downtown, and she wants to assure residents that there is nothing nefarious going on. “They are just lights. I bought them at Canadian Tire and my dad and I put them up ourselves. We’ve adjusted them so that they shine upward more, but they aren’t harmful, they’re perfectly legal and there’s no need to be concerned.”

Once there’s snow on the trees, the full effect of the lights will be apparent, said Davis. “Part of the problem is that without snow, the lights are difficult to see. Once there’s something more substantial for them to shine on, they’ll look beautiful. We wanted to make the wreaths prettier and these are a lower energy option. We also took all of the mismatched lights out of the trees.”

A few of the wreaths aren’t working due to power problems on the light standards, an issue Davis said Lakeland Power is looking into.

“I hope everyone will be happy with the result. It really is going to be beautiful.”

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