Duplicate bridge results and tip – Unathorized information part two: The pause that does not refresh


By Val Rhead

You have heard the commercial about the “Pause That Refreshes”.  Well, today’s column is about the “Pause That Does Not Refresh” because the pause may give UNAUTHORIZED INFORMATION to your partner.

Sometimes, Bridge players use UNAUTHORIZED INFORMATION without even being aware of it.  Opener bids One Heart. Opponent says Two Diamonds.  Opener rebids Two Hearts.  Opponent says Three Diamonds.  Partner thinks and thinks.  He finally passes.  Opener promptly bids Four Hearts.  I have actually heard a player in this situation say, “Partner, it took you so long before you passed, I knew you had to have something.”

No, No, No!  Of course, Opener knew partner had something.  Her partner’s hesitation gave her the information that partner had extra values in his hand and that is all the information that Opener needed to take the partnership to game.  This is illegal.

This doesn’t mean that you can never take time to think before you bid or that you cannot PASS after a hesitation.  You may take as long as you wish to think about your bid.  However, if you cogitate for a long time and then PASS, partner must have a legitimate reason for the bid she makes, and not take advantage of partner’s pause.  In a sanctioned game, the Director will look at your hand to make sure that your bid is based on your hand alone and not on the hesitation of your partner.

The same UNAUTHORIZED INFORMATION applies if you play with the bidding box and then PASS.  It shows partner that you are thinking about making a bid.  THINK WITH YOUR MIND, NOT YOUR FINGERS when using a bidding box.

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August 30 was the LAST GAME for the Port Carling Wednesday summer season.


Games at the Huntsville Club are Tuesday 7:15 start, Trinity United Church 33 Main Street.  Please arrive 15 minutes before game time.  For partners and information call Jan Roberts 705 635-2522 or email [email protected]

The following winners are for Tuesday, Sept 12 with 13 pairs playing a Howell movement. 1. Liz Graham and Dorothy Russell; 2. Don Norman and Ross McArthur; 3. Betty Fagin and Brian Brocklehurst; 4. Liz Barnes and Bev Howard; 5. Susan Marshall and Jan Roberts; 6. Mary Simonett and Kel Andresen; 7. Ann Cassie and Bruce Cassie


Games for the Bracebridge Club are Mondays 7pm, Knox Presbyterian Church, 120 Taylor Road.  Please arrive 15 minutes before game time.  For information or partnerships, call Brian at 705-645-5340 [email protected]

The following winners are from Monday, Sept 11 with 19 pairs playing a Mitchell movement. North-South 1. Mary Luke and Donna McIntosh; 2. Mary Whitehead and Helen Pearson; 3. Bev Parlett and Vern Foell; 4 Pat Davies and Sue Scott; 5. Betty Fagin and Brian Brocklehurst; East-West 1. Liz Barnes and David Bryce; 2. Kathy Kent and David Kent; 3. Joyce Payne and Malcolm Payne; 4. Ann Cassie and Bruce Cassie; 5. Lyn Walisser and Bev Howard

Looking for more bridge tips? You’ll find them here.

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